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Cheesecake Factory / horrible management

1 United States

Well my experince at the cheesecake factory was less than a "Piece of Cake".

About 3 months ago I went into the Thousand Oaks, Calif Cheesecake Factory.

I went to the retraunt around 4pm was seated and placed my drink order I ordered a bloody mary and from experince their bloody mary's are amazing . I recieved my drink it was watered down and there was a limp and dried out piece of celery in it, no olives, no lemon, no lime. I called the young man back over to the table and asked him to send the drink back to the bar and have the drink replaced.

Little did I know that was just the begining of my god awful experince. I ordered a piece of salmon with broccoli and mashed potato. About a few minutes later the waiter put a bottle of ketchup on the table I glanced at my daughter with a look of confusion a look of "Umm why did he just put a bottle of ketchup on the table." 10 minutes passed and a waitress placed a cold plate of dried out salmon with french fries down on the table and walked away. I had, had it I called the waiter back to the table and asked what kind of salmon this was why was it sitting next to french fries since that's not what I had ordered! He mumbled that's what you ordered it's on the "specialty menu" taking no responsibilty for his lack of service. I then told him to get me a manger. A woman approaches the table and asked what's going on .. she never mentioned her name I told her what had happened she took no responsibilty either not offering to waive the bill, get another piece of salmon her explination was well it was on the specialty menu. I asked for her card and she gave it to me or so I though I paid the bill and walked out hugry, my daughter was hungry and I was annoyed and confused.

I called corporate and they sent me a $30 credit I also found out the card the so called asst. manager gave me wasn't even her business card with was the managers card.

I have had several bad experinces at the cheescake factory since this incident.

They are rude, insenstive and the restraunts are disgusting take your money and run!


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