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Cheeseburger And Fishwich / food poisoning - norovirus

1 1211 6th avenueNew York, NY, United States

Went for lunch, got a double cheeseburger and a fishwich - no drink no fries - at around 1 pm.
it was extremely busy, could have contributed - 8 to 10 people at each register, 6 registers -
at around 11 pm began to feel extremely bloated, racing pulse, dizzy. rapidly worsened - thought i would die - couldnt stand or lie on my back or stomach without vomiting - threw up 30-odd times, almost soiled my skivvies. Wholly nightmarish. Probably would have gone to ER if my bro didn't live in my building - still dealing with headache, chills, probably from dehydration - drank 1.5 liters Gatorade, 2 liters water, 5 cans of seltzer, 12 oz of broth before ifinally had to pee after this night of torture - busted blood vessel in eye socket from puking so hard/much this is bad news - the dehydration is killer -

this is NOROVIRUS - see CDC website - EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS - NOT e. coli or staph/salmonella

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