Checkers and Rally's / cheese fries

Columbus, IN, United States

I went to Rally's today to get the loaded cheese fries. I Got all the way home to find they gave me chili cheese fries. So I went back to get loaded cheese fries. No one apologized, they were just like "well do you still have a receipt"I wasn't even crappy at all. Then I pull out of the lot to find they've messed up the order a second time and gave me cheese fries. I wanted loaded cheese fries. You know the ones with bacon cheese and ranch? Not only that but it taste terrible. I feel like they just gave me ones that had been sitting out for while. This is so disappointing. I know it's just fries but I wasted my time money and energy and I'm still hungry because what I was given was awful.

Checkers and Rally's
Checkers and Rally's

Sep 15, 2017

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