Check Conversion Service / I will never fall for something like this again

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First off its a scam.stay as far away from check conversion service as you can.they promise to finance your customers up to 90 days same as cash, but i could not get anyone approved.they sell u 10, 000.00$ worth of processing equiptment that u can buy directly from the manufacturer for about 500.00$.it uses your customers check to float a 90 day loan.its all a scam.they charge you 35/45 dollars for the service plus a fee for every transaction and the biggest no no is you have to personaly guarentee the note on the processing equiptment, so if your in busness for yourself like i am its not in the business name, cant deduct it on taxes.this ripoff company was from texas but have since moved.and changed names.please dont believe anything they to dissatisfied people like me.i will never fall for something like this again.


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