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cheating of money / cheating of money

1 England, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

we will like to proof ourselves for you my husband have a friend in your country that we can give you his number for you to call and confirmed our family from him we really want you to come and work with our family that is why we are making thing to clear to you and helping you not that we cant pay for all your travel fees but we told you what have happened to us in the past so we want you to try and make the $500 send to the agency so that they can start the processing immediately cause we have send them our own part payment we hope the agency have contact you and let you know that so they are waiting for you to get back with the western union details so that they can start the processing immediately ok

Thanks kindly get back to us immediately
hi liza,
have you talk with you mother cause what is going on now i dont really understand and i am getting upset with it i told you from $3, 500 i agree to help with $3000 and you agree to pay just $500 now you can pay it how much it $500 kindly get back and let me know if you are sending the money or not i will wait and receive your call soonest...

yes i understand that we will have to send our own part by pounds and also want you to know that the travel agency are going to get back to you with more details about your flight to Us, so you don't need to be worry about that and for the payment kindly try all your possible best and send the money to the travel in GBP and get back to me in time so that i can able to send them the balance.Looking ahead to read back from you soon
Regards, hi lisa collins,
tomorrow 9.30 am when the bank open i will western union the money to the uk. but i will use usd to convert gbp to them and i will send you a copy as soon as possible.and you must remember to convert according to what they quoted us the price.
3000usd convert to gbp ok. and remember to give me a flight date so i need to book a flight from johor to kuala lumpur it need time at lease 1 week to get the ticket.and let me know usa airport where i drop by. or the flight is kuala lumpur to usa or transit flight. please confirm this to me in the early stage.because i went to italy i drop by at dubai for 4 hours for transit. remember to fetch me at the airport using my name, so i know who you are. ok
if it is a transit flight i know where to drop by in usa only i can check the information.
hope u can buy a ticket without transit so is easy to me.
thank you for checking the information
i think there is no problem as you send the money to them just make sure the the payment is released today ok i will wait and read from you i can assure you once again no problem ok

i will hi lisa,
tomorrow i will release the money because i want to reconfirm with you.
cheating of offering jobs in uk, usa
shame on johncannata the (agent)

9.30am i will bank it to his account using conversion uds to gbp ok.
so same as you usd to gbp there is much different. wait and read from you soonest...
i did not reply soonest, for the agency i called them and ask why did you have to send the money to United Kingdom but they make it clear to me, that you are to send the payment to there hard office in United Kingdom you know this is a world travel agency so that are in most of all country so never mind and i trusted them that is why i want you to come with them and i have told my husband to call you so that he can explian more for you so the agency told me that you hold the payment kindly go and released it cause i want to send them my part payment by western union online now so kindly released them payment for them to pick it up i can assure you that there is no problem ok email me as soon as you have done that ok
Thanks for mailing the art of travel consultant, will like like to let you know that your document will be approved after sending the $500 to the name and address that was giving cause your country embassy have to sign your visa document after that they will call you to come so that they can confirmed immediately that is done your visa as been approved so we want you to send the $500 today to this name and address below

Name: Sanni Kazeem
Address: FedEx Express Courier Service
State: Lagos
Zip code: 23401
Country: Nigeria.
i call the travel agency i ask them that why did you have to send the money to Nigeria but the make thing clear to me that the only FedEx that will be coming to your country is from Nigeria, they make it clear that the fedex are already with your visa document they just have a stop over in Nigeria so that is why you will have to send the money to Nigeria and you know that i have promise to refund any amount that you spend back for you the same day i come to pick you up at the air port, and about the flight date i want you to choose a date that you know that it will be ok for you and let me know so that i can prepare on how to come and pick you up for thr airport ok so i want you to send the fedex the amount they ask you to send and make sure that when sending the money there is no mistake ok make sure that the money is send to them today cause i want you to get the visa document soonest email me immediately after sending the money to them ok make sure that the money is send to the name and address the travel agency give to you i trust them that is why i want you to come with them so i will wait and read from you soonest about the western union details

Thanks God Bless
Lisa Collins <>
i contact the travel agency and they make it clear to me that the first payment we have done is including the visa working permit tax and ticket so the document with the FedEx is including your ticket fees so you don't have worry about book any ticket ok, i tell them to give me the tracking number so that we can track it but they make it clear to me that the tracking number will you gvining to you immediately after you send the $500 so i want you to move further and send them the $500 now and email me that you have send them the money ok i will wait and read from you soonest

hi lisa,
i wanted to know when i received from fedex upon i western union money by today. ok. i need 10 days after i received the document the balance is your date for the flight because i need to book a ticket from johor to kuala lumpur. please let me know is the flight ticket included in the fedex document.
Thanks i will wait and read from you soonest


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