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I bought a flight ticket Helsinki -Riyadh - Helsinki via Skyscanner, but did not get any!

Skyscanner nor CeapFligthAir are not responsing for messages. Phones of CFA are closed..

details :

Order date 17.1.2015 (Eticket by CheapFlight Air)
Eticket n:o [protected]
Turkish Airlines
Airaline reference 61094
Flight dates 26.1.2015 Helsinki-Riyadh TK-1764/TK144
18.6.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Warsaw, IN2015 Riyadh-Helsinki TK-141/TK1761
Price US $ 707, -
Paid 15.1.2015
Bank Samba Bank Riyadh, KSA
Confirmation nr: 0000055

The Issue:

I ordered via Skyscanner/CheapFlightAir flights above. In Helsinki on 26. Jan 2015 NO TICKET was found from the electronic system of Check in nor the ticket office of Turkish Airlines…

I had to buy a new ticket!! Which cost € 976, 18 .
Turkish Airlines
Date 26.1.2015

Feb 10, 2015
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  • Ka
      Feb 11, 2015


    My friend is just dealing with the same situation she is so upset ! she paid 800$ from Prague to St. Maarten.Did you get in touch with them ?? if you have some more info please share!

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