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This company is no good. They tell nothing but lies to swindle you out of hard earned money.

You want a good TV commercial visit your local cable company office.

Cheap-tv-spots is a scam I lost $12.000 dealing with this company.

They charged 1999.99 for a 30 sec commercial got the same thing from cable company $300.

And if address the registered owner(Ann Clark) they will say you are a sexual harassing the female staff.

Dealing with this company was the worst waste of money ever. DO NOT USE THEM!!!


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  • Ch
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    We just received confirmation that this malicious complaint is from Jeremy Clemons and Ralph Clemons of ClemCode Geek in a Box.

    This complaint is totally false and unwarranted. Cheap TV Spots has been in business over 8 years and has a wonderfully high rating with the Better Business Bureau with not a single complaint. Compare that with our competitors!

    Our company is well-known and remains the best deal in TV advertising in the world. Cheap TV Spots is the single most award-winning discount online TV ad agency in the world with well over 100 international awards. Cheap TV Spots is the undisputed leader in quality TV ads, and is the only agency that we know of that does not add additional commissions to the negotiated network air time cost. We also have no minimums or long term contracts for air time. We have a very simple streamlined service. It is very fast and efficient and always the highest quality for the tiny bit of money we charge.

    Cheap TV Spots has always performed all services contracted for and we have invited both Ralph Clemons and Jeremy Clemons to present their spurious claims before a registered arbitrator. Of course, Clemons won't do that because Clemons are blackmailers and stalkers of women, and they are terrified of being served court papers.

    Here's the real story:

    Ralph Clemons and Jeremy Clemons habitually make false statements and complaints on the web, then say they will remove them only if they are provided services that they did not pay for or contract for. We have the written proof of this extortion and have turned this over to the proper authorities. The Clemons father and son have extorted from or blackmailed more companies than just ours.

    See links below to see how the Clemons father and son really behave and note the Clemons use of foul language and unchristian behavior:



    Perhaps the Clemcode Geek-in-box software is not very good and is not selling well. But that is no reason to lash out and extort from past vendors or harass competitors. Shame on you, Jeremy Clemons and father Ralph Clemons. By their misdeeds Jeremy Clemons and father Ralph Clemons are an embarrassment to the community of Raleigh North Carolina.

    We have, of late, determined that Mr. Jeremy Clemons and Mr Ralph Clemons may now operate a sort of low level scam under the name of Clemcode and Geek In A Box which may ply retirees with (according to a reviewer) extremely hard to use software. Sort of another way to fleece old ladies with empty promises. Judge the Clemons geeks for yourself.

    We are embarrassed to have provided advertising services to Ralph Clemons and Jeremy Clemons.

    Ralph Clemons of Raleigh and Jeremy Clemons engage in extortion and blackmail and have stooped so low as to stalk the female president of our company. Our attorney has put them on warning and we have contacted North Carolina authorities.

    We have determined that Ralph Clemons and Jeremy Clemons have no legal representatives or, based on their inability to respond to legal action, cannot afford to pay a legal representative at this time. Others who have been assaulted or harassed by Jeremy Clemons and Ralph Clemons should pursue them now with vigor.

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    This company is a bunch of criminals guilty of extortion.

    They are full of crap and there commercial production is crap. If you fall victim to this bunch of liars criminals, then prepare to have them steal your money, harass you, and disrespect your products in the process. They are money stealing thieves and liars. And need to be shut down in a court of law. Do your self a favor and do not fall victim to this scam.

  • Jw
      28th of Jan, 2012
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    Dear Mr. Clemons (a.k.a. "Robbed" / "Bob"),

    According to our archives, over 4 years ago all contracted services were provided pursuant to the terms of the contract, as evidenced by your signed approval of the finished commercial, as well as proof of airings, provided to you both by our company and the TV network.  

    The commercial was made in a professional and high quality manner, as evidenced by YOUR OWN TESTIMONIAL dated November 17, 2007, posted on our website.

    Our company went above and beyond in waiving $100 for an additional broadcast tape and providing a $50 discount on your air time order. produces high quality TV commercials for use as a tool in product or service promotion.

    Not every product thrives in the marketplace; therefore, we cannot guarantee that any particular product will meet with success with consumers. 

    It has been over 4 years since our company had provided services to your company, and 3 years since our attorney warned you and your family members to cease and desist from posting false claims against our company.

    We demand that you, Mr. Clemons, remove all of your negative postings about our company from the internet, and that no future such postings be made by you, your family members, or your associates, else we will be forced to file suit.

    James Whelk, Public Relations

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