Chase Loma V.cell phone lost claim

I am extremely upset and dissatisfied with geek squad agent!!! His name is Eric. He sounded like he had a long day. He was fustrated and giving me some information about my billing. I was not calling about my billing...I was calling to file a claim. At that point he was speaking with a stronger tone. I got irritated and started to speak with a stronger tone as well!! I asked him, if I could speak with his supervisor. Eric stated that his supervisor was not available. I then said who else is available that I could complain to about his attitude. I told him that I hope our conversation was being recorded. He said to hold on and hear this...He clicked the phone and hung up on me!!! Very Poor Customer Service!!!

  • Updated by Ozkar27, Oct 16, 2018

    Best Buy Geek Squad Claims Dept.

Oct 16, 2018

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