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Chase Home Finance - West Viginia / no help & foreclosure

1 Charles Town, WV, United States

Chase bought our mortage only one or two months after we closed on our house. We fell behind one month then two. I called Chase to try and get a forbearance or some help. They would not help. Whenever I called they said I had to pay it all. We very quickly got a foreclosure notice. I called repeatedly several times a day to try and talk to someone who would help us. All I wanted was to not have to pay the 2 months all at once. They did not want to hear any of it. Unfortunately they foreclosed. Then they kept stating on our credit report that we still owed the full amount, yet the house sold for more than what was owed (not by much...but still!). I would call them after the house had been sold and new owners had been it for about 1 year and the representative would always state that I needed to pay $20, 000+ to bring the loan current. So I would ask for a payoff statement and they could never tell me but "would send one to me" (which they never did because they no longer owned the house). They kept sending me notices that the insurance had lagged on the house and that they would supply insurance and charge me an extremely high premium for their insurance. After a year and a half I called to tell them to stop sending the insurance letters and to correct the foreclosure information on my credit report and they stated that my loan number (THEIR loan number) was "not valid" and there were no such numbers by Chase even remotely like the number I was giving them. When I asked for a supervisor I was disconnected. Other attempts to get information I was usually transferred from one number to the next until I would be disconnected. I finally wrote a letter to Chase and the three credit bureaus with my complaints (Chase then HAD to respond within 60 days or it would legally have to be removed from my credit report). I received a letter from Chase that they would correct the information on my credit report within 30 days. After 30 days Chase had changed the information on my credit report BUT NOT CORRECTLY! PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF TROUBLE AND DO NOT DEAL WITH CHASE!

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