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Chase Credit Cards Company / closed account without telling me!

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I have had credit cards for over 5 years now none of them had a real high credit amount on them but they had a yearly fee which after 5 years you would think that they would drop it since I have had nothing but good credit with them but they said they couldn't due to their fees they needed to keep the yearly fee to their credit cards well I went and had got another card thru Wamu I was happy because it didn't have a yearly fee well I had waited to pay off the other cards before useing my non yearly fee one and after I had paid off the cards I had closed them out thinking I don't need them anymore everything was fine because I finley had a card without that yearly fee!! Boy was I ever WRONG Anyone that has a credit card thru WaMu Knows that had partnered up with CHASE Don't be surprised if you go to a store to buy something and its declined!!! With out notice!!! Don't close out your other credit cards if they have a yealy fee on them thinking your going to be getting a better card that has no yearly fee because if its a WaMu card that has sold out to chase they will drop you like a hot potatoe They decided that after giving you credit with them you can keep but when you start to use it then they close it for no good reason and they say they are fair no way in hell are they fair!!! The thing I can't under stand is that they said they had closed it on June 17th but I had made a purchase on June 26th at office max and it went thru and I never got anything from them no email nothing till July26th with a letter saying after careful consideration, we have decided to close the above-noted accounts for the following principal reason(s) total available credit on bankcards is too low well what the hell I wasn't asking for $10, 000 on a credit card I just asked for a low amount on the card so I didn't get in to deep of debitthen Average length of time since bankcards open is too short ok I could see if I had just opened it a month ago but I have had it for 9 months before I even used it come on!!! Then the best one of all too few accounts paid as agreed compared to total accounts!!! Really now I had checked my credit scores and they seem to be pretty good to me as it sits at 690 and 725 with the credit scores !!! And they say they are fair with their choices what a crock they can have their card and guess what Chase is going to get the min amount now too which is $10.00 without no intrest since I'm still under the 0% for another 4months then at the end of the 0% intrest I will pay them off and when I do I hope the choke on their money they such greedy people and won't help the ones that are trying all they care is if they can take the money from the working people and I'm talking about the money our great government gave them to help bail them out that was from our taxes we the people paid but they have the nerve to close my account out for them reasons what a joke CHASE IS I'll never give them anything after this and I mean no good of anything I use to think they were a good company till now go figure!!!

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  • Ke
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had the EXACT same problem after two years with WAMU. Screw Chase!

  • Bj
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    Chase took away everything WaMu offered it's clients and then some...
    Chase, after their merger with WaMu took away an overdraft protection line of credit for a whopping $100.00 on an account which was opened in 1957! This "overdraft protection line had NEVER missed a payment.

    STAY AWAY FROM CHASE UNLESS YOU HAVE AT LEAST $10, 000.00 TO PUT ON DEPOSIT WITH THEM TO SECURE ANY SMALLER OR OTHER ACCOUNTS... Just remember, Chase uses YOUR money, every day, to loan to otheers at a various interest rates, much higher thsn they are paying you.

    Get and stay away from Chase... There is a reason they would close an overdraft protection line of $100.00 in existance since the 50's ... and it could not be good.

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