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Chase Bank / they steal your money then lie to you

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Banks steal from you. Bit by bit, in the sneakiest of ways, they take your money. Chase Bank, my current and soon to be former bank, is notorious for this. One disgusting and tiresome trick so many banks use, and Chase is no exception, is to rearrange the order of your transactions causing your account to become overdrawn, an action which consequently and subsequently incurs unexpected overdraft fees. This next act of deceit happened to me before but I let it slide because I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong. This time I paid closer attention to details and realized what the b*****ds did... I stayed at a hotel with my family. The total cost for our stay was $111.48. An extra $16.72 was added on to this total by the hotel to cover any extra expenses or charges. This brought the grand total of our hotel stay to $128.20. On our drive to this hotel, we stopped at Domino's Pizza. I put in an order and noticed the amount was less than I should be paying. The incorrect amount charged was $23.36. The friendly employee recalculated, voided out the $23.36 and charged me the correct amount of $29.88. Now fast forward, vacation is over, I go home, check my online statement and see that the charge of $128.20 from the hotel is there and BOTH Domino's transactions are there. All these debits are reflected in my 'available balance'. I called the hotel right away. They said the extra charge of $16.72 would 'drop off' my bank account in a couple of days. I called Domino's Pizza. They said the incorrect amount of $23.36 would drop off my account in a couple of days. Note, the total 'overcharge' of $40.08 had been included in my 'available balance'; had been deducted from my account. On the second day after our return, I saw that both charges had indeed 'dropped off', but my available balance was the same. The $40.08 was not reimbursed, not added back to my balance. $40.08 had been removed from my account balance. When the extra charges 'dropped off', the $40.08 was not reinstated, not returned. In other words, the b*****ds kept it! I called Chase right away, fuming. The woman I spoke to acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about and insulted my intelligence further by informing me that "...There are no extra charges. The correct charge is right there on your statement. There ARE no extra charges." Ugh!! I felt as if I were in an old TV episode of the Twilight Zone! I ended up hanging up on the woman out of sheer frustration!
I cannot WAIT to get as far away from Chase as I can. I'm headed to our local Credit Union. From what I understand, they, unlike banks, aren't disgustingly greedy and won't (knock on wood) steal my money!

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  • Pe
      19th of May, 2011
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    To be honest if that rep only has what SHE/HE see's on the screen from what you explained that item was pending and fell off the Rep cannot go back in time to see what you saw the moment that transaction was pending on the account. So when you explain your story to the rep of course the rep cannot see where the problem is nor can HE/SHE do anything if that is not what is on the screen at the time you call. The best thing you should have done was to walk into the branch have them look over your account with you. Even speak with a branch manager if need be I think this could have been resolved. Always try to put yourself in their shoes they cannot see all, what you see one day especially when it comes to pending items. Might not be the same the next day, cause the transaction always can change or fall off. :)

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    Thanks... Still no explanation for why the debited amount wasn't put back though. This has happened before. I think she knew exactly what I meant. It's cool though. I appreciate your feed back. Maybe you're right!

  • Pe
      19th of May, 2011
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    I don't trust computers all that much lol even though I love using the internet...(obviously lol) It could have been a system error which can be hard to prove unfortunately. Also maybe another transaction came through that might have added up to that amount like gas which doesn't post right away a few things can take time to reflect on an account. I know that sounds far fetched, but a possibility. I am curious on how that occurred if you ever find out leave an update. :)

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