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I have seen your blog, and the many others on regarding chase bank and their fraudulent loan modification procedures and actions. It looks like the blogs are dated in late 2007. you mention that one should contact you to find out who the class action attorney is handling your cases.

That is the reason for my email to you. I have been experiencing all of the same frustrating experiences as many of your bloggers for the past 18 months. The long and the short of it is that, after over a year of providing multiple packets of requested documentation (at least 10 different times because either they never received what I sent, or because it took them so long to finally look at what I sent them that they needed updated docs, only to repeat the same delays and request for updated docs again), and while making agreed to reduced payments under a forbearance agreement, on July 16, 2010, I finally received a verbal approval over the telephone of a modification, approved on July 14, 2010.. ( I have the names of the 2 individuals I received this info from, and their phone numbers and extensions. Its my guess however that either they no longer work for chase and/or most likely their numbers and extensions have changed many times since then). I was told the exact terms of the modification and when the new payments would begin (Sept 1, 2010). I was told I would receive the packet in 7-10 days. After many calls requesting the modification package during the next 30 days, I still had not received it. Yet I was told in every instance of calling inquiring about the where abouts of the packet, that my file shows that iI had been approved on July 14, 2010 and the docs were coming.

As a homebuilder in Dallas, my business at this point has been relegated to remodeling and my income significantly reduced. I had foreclosures last year, and resulting deficiencies against me for a couple of houses I had built and couldnt sell for what I owed. I was forced into bankruptcy before ever receiving the modification package (which I never did actually receive) and chase then pulled the modification. I re-affirmed my mortgage with chase and have communicated to them that I am still ready, willing and able to commence payments in accordance to the terms of the modification that I was approved for. I have since been contacted by an attorney for chase (initially, 3 months ago, out of Houston), inquiring of my intentions. I have told her the story and that I still was willing to go with the mod terms. She said she would get with chase and just get this mod done.. Nothing has been accomplished since. Most of my calls and emails to her have gone unanswered and when I have been able to reach her, her response has always been that she has not heard back from chase. So, for over 3 months, an attorneys client has not responded to their lawyer regarding resolving a legal matter.

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  • Bo
      Dec 21, 2010

    Hi, Tenman: I feel you pain. My spouse and I are also engaged in home building and remodeling and have taken a heavy hit on our income and we are also dealing with Chase. I suggest you immediately contact you State Attorney General's office about Chase. I also suggest you immediately contact the HAMP Solution Center in Texas, , which reports to the US Treasury Department, to explain your situation as ask them for help with escalating your case with Chase. The toll-free phone number for the HAMP Solution Center is: 866-939-4469 (Select Option 2). Also contact a local HUD counseling office because an "accredited" HUD Counselor can tell you what type of modification you qualify for--Chase will most likely stick you in their "in-house" modification which is more profitable for Chase. Good luck.

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  • Ho
      Jan 11, 2012

    I know your pain I have been through the same mess and they foreclosed and got a judgement without ever notifying me of the court date. Clerk says it's too late.
    they will have to pry my fingers off the door frame to get me out! I can make the payments but the added fees are $12, 000 and they will add that to ANY new loan and the judgement and it's on going until satisfied. Could be a $100.000 for all I care, they'll never see a dime of it. Unless they go back to the orginal agreement I was making payments on.

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