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I became a customer of Chase when WAMU was forced out of business. WAMU could have survived, I have been told and I am totally disgusted with the way Chase has taken over the business. I have four accounts with Chase, and after tomorrow I will have -0- accounts with Chase. I hope everyone closes their accounts with any of these large banks that President Obama bailed out. Bailing out poorly run institutions only allowed the poorly run institutions to continue abusing people and making very poor decisions that are geared to pay extremely large BONUSES to the bankers who do not contribute to society in any form. What exactly do bankers do to deserve such bonuses? While doctors have salaries that are controlled, Bankers have much higher salaries and they are not controlled. This is simply not okay.
I digress, the reason for this email has to do with the way Chase handles their customers. I had my Yahoo email acct compromised, and Blazing Words has been stealing from me ever since. Just last week Blazing Words put through another dishonest charge on another bank mind you - for $38.00 approx. Since Yahoo will not let me into my account due ot identity issues, I was forced to go to Identity Theft Protection. This flagged my account and Chase is freaking out that my cc might be fraudulently used. They have forced me to spend at least five hours of insulting telephone time speaking to numerous people in their fraud dept - I have practically given my entire life history to these jerks who will tell me all is well and that my cc is no longer being held up due to fear of fraudulent activity only to find they are lying and indeed my card is still under careful watch. But worse, of all the different fraud dept locations I have spoken to in the past week, I mostly talked with people in Manilla. This means Chase has taken personal information of their customers and they have moved that personal information to data banks in 3rd world countries. Does anyone else find this to be very wrong, very threatening potentially, and simply the most selfish act a corporation can do - giving 3rd world countries - thus, 3rd world people access to personal and private information of citizens in the US. This is unethical as can be.
I am glad Chase is so careful with this issue but they have taken it too far. How many hours does a person need to spend talking on the phone to convince them that the person is really who they say they are. Chase goes to incredible lengths to protect themselves and their ccards but they do not do the same for debit cards. Worse, I found some questionable charges on another acct I have with Chase and when I stated these were incorrect and I wished to have them removed, Chase could care less. They have sent me to one person and then another - its called the BIG RUNAROUND. While their responsibility should rest with their customer's safety and satisfaction, instead the remind me of a piggish older sibling who wants it all. By God, they act this way and they are determined to have it all.
Well, they can have it all but not from me. I am cancelling all accounts with Chase and I will move all my business to a local bank where the bankers know you, and you are treated with respect. I have had it with Chase and I hope all of you will consider doing this too. This is the most dishonest, unorganized bank I have ever dealt with. Chase sucks and so does Yahoo, Blazing Words, and all the rest of the greedy cheaters who simply want to make more for themselves no matter what is right or wrong.

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      Aug 16, 2009

    I have been with WaMu for years and now that Chase changed over they took $204.00 out of my account written on my statment "transfered to another Misc acct" I was pissed off... I had no idea what this was for, why it was transfered and I was about to go negative in that account because of the unauthorized transfer... I called and was transfered 13 times, hung up on twice due to they were transfering me to someone else to better assist me... what the heck??? Long story short the live people that I did speak too all had attitudes, and if I know my attitudes they were women with the "black attitude" ghetto... I can say this.. I'm black... who happens to speak without knowing my color unlike some people. This is very unprofessional for Chase you would think oh, wait, , , their a southern based company. They told me that I had to prove that I did not owe them this money while they could not tell me why this money was transfered or to where the money was transfered after two days and countless hours of the runaround on the phone... the money was transfered to Chase themselves. They claim that I owe them this money... How, , , I'm with WaMu. Now I have to prove to them. They said they do not have to do anything to prove to me that this is true. I have to prove to them what... that you all stole my money.. what the heck .. yeah obama NOT... this bank is a joke and I have closed all of my accounts. I'm still out 204.00... it's been over a week and nothing in the mail showing me how I owe them... You all be very aware of where your money is going... cause Chase acts like they own you.

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      Oct 27, 2009

    Chase bank are a bunch of thieves who once they have your money, try to give you a hard time taking it out. Unfortunately, they took over WAMU and now, us who enjoyed on the most part dealing with a decent company and having decent customer service are forced to deal with a bunch of white collar crooks. I had a retirement fund set up with WAMU and chase took it over. then comes a surprise fee for $30 since it was below the a certain amount they wanted in their in order to wave the fee. You would think ok, a good choice then would be to take the money out and put it somewhere else but then, they charge you a 75 dollar closing fee plus a 30 dollar fee. From a financial institution that has a lot of customers unfortunately, you wouldn't expect this from. They are thieves. Penny wise and pound foolish. They now have one very very pissed off customer who for that fee they charges, will probably have to pay double or more to answer all the complaints i will lodge with different agencies and possibly the media. Not only that, in their stupidity, little do they realize that this pissed off customer will warn lots of other potential customers about banking with them. If you all decide to do the same thing, they will lose a lot of investments, accounts etc all because they decide to be penny wise and pound foolish.
    As customers, its not our fault that they decided to make bad housing loans. We do not have to pay for their screw ups.
    If you were screwed by them too, tell all your friends, post to internet boards, post to facebook, file a complaint with the better business bureau, the federal trade commision, with, Local media, etc. Even if its only a little amount of money they decide to charge you, if you do nothing, they win and will charge you more and charge others more as time goes on. We have to show them that it doesn't pay to be thieves and if they stay dishonest, they will ultimately lose.
    Chase Sucks!!!

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  • It's petty theft on a large scale! It's like serial killing but it is legal for them to do this but not me!! Not you. They can be thieves like their cousing Bank of America. CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND GO ELSE WHERE!!! CITIZENS UNITE!!!

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