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Chase Bank / awful bank

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I had been a customer for 12 years without a late payment. I didn't receive a bill last month and was popped for a $40 service charge and interest on a card I had paid in full for 12 years - no late payments. I called customer service and was told that neither the first person I spoke with nor the supervisor could waive the late fee - supervisor even hung up on me when I asked him to repeat that he did not have the authority. Was told it was "policy". Went to a branch and they said if I had another account they would try to help but without another account there was nothing they could do. This is the way they choose to do business I choose not to do business with them - a pity after 12 years. I guess they get enough of the taxpayers money they just don't care to keep customers who pay the bills...

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  • Me
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    When I left went to move from chicago to Virginia I closed my Chase account. I had no fees owed and no outstanding checks. TWO ENTIRE WEEKS LATER they reopened my account to pay an comcast bill which was autodebited but should not have been, as I had moved AND canceled my account with Comcast. Then after paying comcast out of my closed account they proceeded to charge me a daily fee for being negative... Well I got to where I am and was using another bank account I have in NY to live off of, when I tried to open a bank account in VA months later I was told that I owe Chase 2000 dollars, as they have been charging my re-opened account 5 dollars a day. WOW. Talk about sucking!

  • Li
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Yep! They're not the only ones to do that. Capital One tried the same thing to me. $15-dollar "late fee" for a paid off card. They'd posted my final payment FIVE days before it was due. There was no interest due them.
    Each month, they would send me a bill. Each month I sent it back to them unopened. To do this: Write "REFUSED" on the unopened/offensive thing & place it back in your mailbox. They will get tired of paying double postage on that bill and they will also get the message that you have no intention of paying it. They will not sue is not worth the lawyer and court fees. More importantly, you are in the right. Four months later, they stopped billing me. A year later, they sent me offers stating they "wanted me back." Those were "REFUSED" as well,

  • El
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    Ohhhh chase will sue you trust me. I went through it for a 2000.00 balance. They will and you wont win if you do what genius before me is advising you to do. But hey hurt your credit and get your wages garnished or what ever :)

  • Cu
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    I have been a Chase Bank customer for 20+ years, from NBD to Bank One, and that freaking Chase Bank bought them out. I never had any issues until this past week when they sent me letters to close all of my accounts: checking, savings, credit card, IRA, and investment accounts without any logical reason/explanation.
    They only said "We have the rights to close your accounts without a reason".

    What a freaking idiot!!!
    You guys need to file a class action lawsuit, and I will be the 1st one to sign it.

    Hell with stupi & idiotic Chase!

  • Ma
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    I just spoke to a Chase rep. and she talked over me the whole time treating me like an idiot. I was calling to dispute a charge on my account and she was trying to tell me that I had not read the fine print...which I had. She told me to call back when I had more info and they might take the charges off if I could PROVE I had canceled the order. Another problem I have had with Chase is that after always paying on time and alot more than the minumum payment due, they lowered my credit line, almost to the balance on the card and raised my APR to 19.24%. I have a beacon score at almost 800 and have never been late on anything, neadless to say I will not be using my card again even when I get it paid off.

  • Za
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    I have a little different story to tell about Chase Bank as someone who has been banking there for just about 4 years. Chase purchased Bank One where my accounts were located and I decided to leave my banking with them, now I had horrible service from Bank ONE, I had a supreme dislike for that operation and had been investigating other Banks to transfer to when Chase took over. Since day one of Chase Bank's ownership there has not been one problem that I can recall, I am very pleased to say that Chase has a perfect record with me. I recommend them to everyone, but I will say this about banking with ANY financial institution in 2009; do not live beyond your ability to pay cash, OR at least be able to pay off your revolving charge cards each billing cycle. Whenever a balance is carried, then added to for months and years heartache is bound to occur in that Bank to customer relationship sooner rather than later, first people resent paying interest on their debt's, 2nd they do not like repaying their debts especially if they are having difficulty staying current because fees, and penalties add up rather quickly, it really does pay to wait and pay cash for what you "THINK" you need.

    Lower your risk for dissatisfaction that is what I was taught... The world looks better that way..

  • Fe
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    I bougth my 1997 geo Metro from bank one years ago i was getting ready to sale my car when I lost the title the dnv told me i would have to go down to chase and have sign lein release form, now mind you the car was paid off over ten years ago chase took over for bank one i went there and they said they would not sign a lein release till they checked in to see if i owed them any money could not find any thing on the car and they still will not sign, so again i went to the dnv and told them they said it would take around two months but they said they would notify chase ask them why they cannot help people with this problem i wish somebody would close chase down

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