Chas Everit Properties / Bad treatment by owner and agent of our rented house

1 Port Elizabeth, South Africa

WE have been hiring this house for 5 years. Everytime we had problems with broken fixtures, agent had it fixed/replaced with permission of owner - including the canvas of the stoep that we use as extra room (it was rented to us as closed off braai area) June 2016 the canvas tore from wind and it was reported. Agent said it will be replaced, just need quotes. Quotes was expensive, he said he spoke to owner, owner said must get quotes to build wall and close completely. They did not make urgence of the matter and December came without it being fixed and lots of my furniture damaged because it was exposed to the elements. I argued with agent, after I held back the rent for a few days and he told met that the late rent (7days) was more pressing matter than the stoep not fixed (for 6 months after reporting it) and that owner had no obligation to fix it. December we paid late again (8th) and in January we received notice to leave the house within 20 days for not paying the rent in December.

Jan 12, 2017

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