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Charma Wells Financial Group / I was screwed out of my loan!

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I was contacted by home phone about a $5000 loan I was approved on. That week I just so happened to fill out some online loan applications, so I proceeded to look into this phone call. I made the call back and was greeted and explained how my loan would be paid back, and how I soon I would receive the funds. All I had to do was wait for an email, in which they already had my email address, and call them when I got the email.

I received the email about an hour later, read through it and saw it to be legit, except for 1 small problem, They had instructed me to send them a premium payment of $618.64 through western union. I immediately called back and was reassured many times that this was a premium payment to a 3rd party lender and that my loan would be funded within 8-12 hours.

After more research through the internet and many more phone calls to these people, I saw this as a great chance to get myself out of the debt i was in, as there was nothing I could find wrong with this company. Well the next day came and my loan had yet to be funded. I called many times that day to reach my so called "loan officer", only to be told she was not in yet.

No one else was able to help me with my file, so they kept telling me there accounting services were temporarily down. I must have called about 10 separate times with each person I talked to more rude and useless than the previous.

I began to become very worried that I had been scammed out of my money, I gave it 1 more day however, that day was even worse. My so called "loan officer" was still not in, and there system was still down. I knew then that i was not getting my money. I finally got someone helpful on the phone, at least I thought so at the time, she replied to me that my loan would be funded by 5pm that day, however, I had to send another $399 thru western Union for what they called allocation fees.

Already knowing I was screwed out of my loan, and more importantly my initial western union costs, I took the information on where to send this money. I did not send anymore money and am looking for anyone who can help me against this company. This is so ridiculous that a company can do this to someone.

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  • Ve
      19th of Jan, 2007
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    My husband was on the internet one night applying for a business loan, so maybe 3-4 weeks later someone named mr. abdul with some weird foreign accent(fake), now the reason these people take this long to call you is( because they know the average person cant remember what company they have emailed 3-4 wks ago) But anyway, the guy told my husband he was approved for $10,000 he says that as soon as he answered the phone and then proceed to read this long supposedly, contract to him. And then he told him that he needed to western union $1284.60 somewhere in there for allocations fees, so my husband being the inquisitive guy he is, asked him what would that cover, and the guy was like, it covers 4 months in advance on the loan... so we pondered and prayed about this thing my husband even called up there and was telling a lady there that he was very skeptical and the woman was like "i understand you are, but I've been here for 8 yrs now" so we kinda felt better but was still unsure so my husband was searching the web for information on these guys and there it was : The charma wells website was now saying "have you been scammed by this company?" well, we were floored and thankful to God that we didn't fall victim to these people. So upset we called them and of course, they have you announce your name before taking your call, just to screen their calls.The girl who answered the phone said her name was Brooke Hogan( Hulk Hogan's daughter name) we asked to speak to Mr so and so and of course he wasn't in yet. So we called back and never got thru again. When they put you on hold, there's no hold music, it sounds like their running this operation out of a basement somewhere..I wish these people would had an ounce of a heart to know they are taking from families with small children, i mean this is so heartless! I hope they get served.

  • Li
      29th of Jan, 2007
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    I was also scammed by Charma Wells over a 3 day period. I was taken in the amount of $5,281.08. No, I wasn't stupid like many of you are thinking, I was desperate for a Small Business Loan. They gave the impression that they knew what they were doing. They knew what they were doing alright. How in this country can we let this happen? Who do we turn to? We are all hard working people just trying to stay afloat. I have contacted so many different agencies, no one wants to get involved with this. We are made out to look like "crazy victims", were not. These people have no heart, they all need to be locked up. So many of us Victims stand to loose so much because of this situation.

  • Ch
      13th of Mar, 2007
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    I was also taken from this Charma Wells Financial Group...$1500.00 plus the western union fees to send the money. I was assured for the loan...and even made sure that if for some reason I didn't receive the funds in the time that they stated, which was 12-24 hours...that I was guaranteed a refund of all loan proceeds. I even had them fax me the paperwork...went over it with other family members...and all looked so legitimate. I was so wrong. Desperate is probably the better word. Unfortunately the "easy" way out was not to pay off. These people need to be caught, prosecuted, and made to pay restitution. I would never think to steal from anyone. I don't want anything that isn't mine. I can't see how they sleep at night knowing they live so richly from other peoples hard earned money. I am however thankful to know that I am NOT the only person that has fallen victim to this company. Please let's not let them get away with this. Even the Better Business Bureau's at a loss. Can't we trace fax and phone numbers now? Somebody should be able to help us! If anyone is interested please contact.

  • Je
      9th of May, 2007
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    I too was scammed by this Charma Wells Financial Group. It was near christmas about a month before. I am a single mother struggling to make sure my children have a christmas they deserve and keep up on our living expenses as well. I didn't think I was going to be able to provide my children with christmas so I was desperate, I got online and applied for a personal loan. About 3-4 days after I applied I get a phone call from a man at "charma wells" stating that I had been approved for a $5000.00 loan, he explained that is was on a 7.3% fixed rate how much my payments would be a month so on and so on. All I had to do was western union $600 and some odd dollars to a third party in Canada (stupid me) and after they received it the funds would be in my bank account with in 2-8 hours. It was a friday afternoon and payday mind you, so I went and western unioned the money. Waited and waited and no money in my account. I called the next day to explain that I hadn't received any funds and was told that I had to send an additional $400 for allocation fees. I sent the money only this time they had me send it to a third party in New York. I fought with these people for 2 whole weeks praying that what they were telling me was all true that their accounting dept. was experiencing computer issues and that their system really was down and that as soon as they got it fixed I would have my loan and everything would be ok. Well it never happened I called time and time again and could never get ahold of anyone and when I did they were so mean and disrespectful to me. I seriously can't believe that someone could be so cold hearted to do such horrible things to others. I even at one point cried on the phone to a lady and explained that I was doubting there credibility and she assured me that everything would be ok and that I would get my money as soon as they repaired their systems. I told her I have to have this money or my children will not have christmas this year. Her words to me were don't worry mam your children will have a wonderful christmas! She was right my children did have a great christmas but it wasn't because I received my funds as she promised. It was because I had to go to family and tell them what had happened and asked for their help. So I am thankful for my family and friends that I have in my life who helped me thru. I almost lost everything thanks to this so called Financial Group, my home, my car and most of all my children nearly went without. I have had people tell me time and time again sue them go to the attourney generals office get a lawyer. I don't think any of that would work it seems as if they can't be tracked or found. I know that I will never see the over $1000.00 I paid to these people, I still thing about it all the time but I have chalked it up as a life lesson and will never do anything like that again. My only fear is that they next will decide to steal peoples identities, all of us who have fallen victim to them could potentionally again become victims of identity theft. For those of us who filled out loan applications, sent money, signed loan agreements. They have our SSN#'s date of birth, home addresses, phone numbers, personal banking information. It's very scary to know that could potentially happen. I will definitely be monitoring my credit report to make sure that no one has accessed my report that I haven't authorized and to make sure that I have no collections on it that I didn't acquire on my own. My advise to any and everyone who deals with online applications and things be very careful research who you are dealing with, ask for federal id numbers call the BBB verify that it is a real company your dealing with.

  • Li
      8th of Dec, 2007
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    Almost 1 year later and its sad to know that Charma Wells is still in business today. I will never understand why in this country this goes on. Why we can't do something to stop these scams.

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