Charles Schwab / Holding my Money Hostage

Denver, United States

I was laid off from my company in February. They were supposed to sent me my proceeds from my 401K plan. Instead Charles Schwab kept the funds and opened a Money Market account without my permission. They sent me a notice. I went to the local office, 30 minutes away, and they were completely uncooperative. They told me I had to go back home, get on the computer, create an account, wait 2-4 days while they "approve it", then they will email me a form to request my money, but the form must be MAILED back to them. Then they will process and get me my money. THIS IS CRAP. I can walk into a bank and access funds within a day or so. Not 2 weeks like these clowns. In the meantime, rent and bills go unpaid as I'm a single mom. What a scam!!

May 11, 2015

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