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Charles Page / Dating scammer

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Charles is one of the classic love frauds looking for innocent girls to part their money with sweet talks after charming his female victims to believe that he is the ONE that they are looking for their entire life... In my quest to get rid of internet lawlessness, I contacted and began a conversation with Charles pretending to be a girl who is looking for a boyfriend... For days I baited the scammer with what he wants to hear, slowly he believed on the online identity I created to nab him. A few days after I started taking action he sent me his 2nd photo as prove that he is a real persona. Like any dating scammer, Charles tried to create alot of romantic illusions to make ladies chatting with him think that he is playful and a hunk in bed. Of course, never did he expect that his scam will later back fire as I made preparations for the final kill.

15-May 2008, Charles told me that he can come over from the UK to Malaysia as a contractor on work in the country and meet me for a rendezvous at the same time... Little did he know that right from the start, his real motives are already known and he was about to be out maneuvered by me. This was the very opportunity I was hoping for. He called me on my mobile and we chatted a little and then we made arrangements to meet in Malaysia a few days later.

This is where the story picks up, believing that his target was longing to meet him, Charles Page made his move. On arrival at Malaysia, he claimed he was held by the Malaysian customs due to the goods he's carrying for his contract job and was unable to enter the country.

Next, he made up another story that the Malaysian customs seized the goods he had brought with him which was worth 250 000 dollars and added that these goods are not allowed into the country... that the Malaysian customs will send it back his country to be destroyed. He then said that to settle his case, he would need to pay the customs USD 20, 000 of which he paid USD 10, 000 with the other part he wasn't able to do so.

Our villain having shed enough of his crocodile tears then asked for a loan from me the remaining USD 10, 000 to pay the customs so that they may release his passport and goods. I played along with his game after he promised me that he will return the money when we meetup and asked him how he wants the amount to be transferred.

He told me that the Malaysian customs wanted the money to be sent over through Western Union and paid to a man named Solomon Asare whose address is 3 Jalan Belia Kuala Lumpur 50350. And upon payment to the Western account, Charles told me I would receive an MCTN no which I would need to inform him so that he can notify the customs that payment was made and he is free to go with his goods.

I then asked Charles to send me a copy of the document from the customs which will state that the goods will be released upon payment. I emailed Malaysian customs the customs document which he had forwarded and this is what they replied to me on the very next day

Dear Sir / Madam,

We refer to your e-mail dated today (21.5.2008). The document that you have attached in your e-mail was NOT issued by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. If the item is under the custody of the Malaysian Customs Department, then a letter of acknowledgment would be sent out to the importer indicating so. If you can provide us with the Tracking Number of your parcel, we would be able to verify the location and the status of the parcel for you. Feel free to contact us again should you have further inquiries. Thank you.

Iskandar Jaafar
Senior Assistant Director of Customs
The Public Relations Unit
Royal Malaysian Customs Headquarters
Tel : [protected] / 03-[protected] / 03-[protected]

Guess what ? My game hasn't ended yet. I gave Charles the MCTN number from the first scammer David Williams and gave him the worse ego bashing he had ever had in his entire career as a swindler.


Oh well, let's take a break now and examine the parts that characterized Charles Page's love scam

1) The scammer will request you to send money through Western Union for banking.

2) The scammer is never the person which he shows himself to be.

Charles Page shows his photo as a white guy but he is in fact a Nigerian.

3) The scammer will claim that he is from the UK but he will contact you using a Malaysian mobile number whenever he calls.

4) The scammer will send you a forged customs document to prove that he is not lying and that he is really stuck with the customs... yeah righ...

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  • Pa
      28th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    How do u know he is Nigerian? any prove for that?

  • Ho
      29th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Reply enquiry to Sender Paco:

    Thanks for your enquiry. I also like to update you that Mr Charles Page has request me to wire the amount of USD10, 000.00 through Western Union. He also produced me a fake document of Malaysia Custom through email.

    Upon received the email, I brought the document to the Malaysia Custom for verification and confirmed from the Malaysia Officer that the document has been forged. Name of receiver given as Mr Soloman Asare, origin from Nigerian.

  • Tr
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Now Charles Page is targetting women on TAGGED. Be careful.

    Here is the link

    I almost got cheated but lucky I found out in time. His trick now is that he send quite a lot of money (3000GBP) and some other stuff through a courier service called freight angels and the next thing the courier service sent an email saying that the package was being seized by malaysian customs and need me to bank into an account to pay a few thousand dollars for the fine to get back the package.

    Beware. They look so real.

  • Ca
      8th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was one of the nigerian`s scammer.He use The name :Adrian Nelson, the e-mail has a profile on the Netlog like nelson_01, on the tagged like Adrian N, on the Friendster.He used the same e-mail addresse.For to scam me he used a nigerian name(to send the money to him):Ewamude Enabulele, from Akure, Nigeria.He used the same scipt like others.Girls take care !

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