Charles Hainsamsung super led tv set

I got this TV including all their accessories(3D player, Blue Ray Player, theater surround sound system and digital video player) and paid about Philippine pesos 500, 000 last 2011. Last Dec. 29, 2016 a Samson Technician came over to look at my TV after calling their Local Samson Representative in Manila, Philippines.
I was advise that the speakers needs to be replaced. They gave a reference number [protected]. And to call Samson Philippines for parts and replacement advise, After a week I called and was advised that they no longer carry this parts. I inquired if there are any replacement parts and was told that they will call me as soon as they have information. I called them again last month but was told that there were no replacement part. However the technician told me that they can come and we can use the external surround sound speakers. They came I have to pay them for the additional service but after a week it went off. When I tried to call the Technician that did the job, he longer answers his phone. All my gadget at home are Samson, TV, Ref, Freezers, Stereo, computers, cell phones, etc..
But because of this I WILL NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG BRAND OF ANY APPLIANCE OR GADGET ANYMORE. I hope all of you will do the same, because you will just get mad and depressed because they know how to sell and show off their new product but DO NOT HAVE AFTER SERVICE or customer service what so ever. You can not even send them a complaint letter.

Jul 26, 2017

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