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Charge Me Later / Fraudulent charges

United States Review updated:
Charge me Later is a seamless & invisible way for adults to surf porn sites without being identified. They begin harassing you if you end up on a site you never intended to be on and send your bill to a collection agency if you don't respond to their US Mail letters. In fact, Charge me Later does not answer their telephone for over an hour and when they do, they are rude and hung up on me. They should be reported to the US Attorney General for internet fraud.


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  19th of Feb, 2007
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Charge Me Later - Charged for porno I never ordered!
United States

Charge Me Later charging for porno films that i didn't buy or order,... and wouldn't. I am a 60 yr old disabled lady.
  7th of Dec, 2007
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Charge me later is a site that charged me for adult film web site that I never ordered. And when I got in contact with one of there customer service reps they were rude and sarcastic towards me when i was telling them about my case. I also never received any of the billing letters they said they sent to me. Now I have a collection agency after me. I finally received a bill almost two years later from there collection agency. Charge me.com should be thrown off the internet.
  16th of Jan, 2008
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The same thing happen to my husband and I.. this site is fraudulant. We called the company and they advised us to file a police report and i intend to do that! Does anyone have any suggestions of what else to do about this? And does this "stain" go on your credit report?
  14th of Mar, 2008
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Same tinng happened ot me! And two years after this fraud, with no bill sent that has any representation of what was supposedly bought ( just phone calls and maybe one bill with a gross amount of $148 no explanation) and a collection agency has now submitted these false charges to all three credit bureaus. THe agency is CRB I beleive. I wrote a complaint to Equifax (online dispute form) and got an email that said they investigated and the charge remains as delinquent on my credit report. I have not written the other two agencies but will. Equifiax does NOT investigate. That is their own little fraud they run. They simply write or maybe call the collections agency who confirms the charge. This is really great for consumers since the collection agency has absolutley no relationship to the charge or the charging company, usually buys these supposed delinquent accouont lists from other brokers or the companies themselves and gets PAID ONLY if they say the charge is legitimate and thus perhaps collect on it. Is there a better scam thna thhis?

This company should be closd indeed, but so should Equifax and the other agencies. No one shouold be able to file a false claim against any consumer and have it go on record without proving it in court. The whole system of thesecredit reporting agencies is ### backwards. The claim should be made to the consumer first, by the agency and the original account holder (no collection agency should have the right to file a credit claim). The consumer should then have the right to challenge the calim and a nuetral process should make a decision on the legitimacy of the claim. Only then should the claim be allowed to go on a credit report. If I could find enough people to agree with me, I would gladly lead the charge with Congress and perhaps file a class action suit against the credit reporting agencies for fraud. Only way to get things done I am afraid.
  29th of May, 2008
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They charged me for magazines i never ordered oe recieved! They put it on my credit and now i cant get it off! What a RIP OFF!!!
  30th of Dec, 2008
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I agree with everyone else but how do we fix this as my credit rating has turned from 800+ to 690!
This is indeed fraud and the only way, (according to the collection agency) is to pay, but then it shows a "Paid Collection!"
  2nd of Feb, 2010
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I was just informed today by "Charge me Later" that I have to pay the $146 that they have turned over to collections on me. This was for an adult entertainment charge. I will not pay for something that I am not responsible for!!! Who do we contact to get this negative account off of our credit?????
  13th of Sep, 2012
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This is upsetting, because I have a charge on my credit report from them for $119 and do not know what for. I was going to call them, but googled them instead and was brought here. I am pissed off now!

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