Charanjit Singh SekhonLandlord issues

My husband and I both felt compelled to write on this board to warn future tenants to be wary of this landlord. We are in the process of taking him to small claims for stealing 2, 800 of our security deposit.

When we moved in we were very concerned about giving him an 8, 000 deposit on the house, as it was not in the best shape to begin with. But he assured us that he gave back the previous tenants all by $75 of their deposit.

After a year 1/2 of dealing with his demeaning personality, we decided to move. Luckily we were able to purchase another house. However, we both stuck to the lease agreement as Churn had requested and paid up to the end of the lease, even though we had moved out 2 months early. This had really put us in a bind, as we patiently waited for the deposit.

When we received the check I was shocked that he had itemized everything he possible could. From charging us over 600 for dry cleaning the drapes, to 1, 000 for painting the house and so on.

Before we moved out..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Laguna Beach, CAwe made sure the carpets were cleaned professionally, and I touched up any spots on the wall before we left. During our final walk through I had asked him to give me a list of what he thought he was going to charge us for, yet he denied us that option. He pointed out some minor nail holes and one tiny spot on the drapes, and when I told him I would fix those spots that evening, since we still have the place until midnight..he said he would not give us back the keys, and that we had plenty of time to fix the place.

Now he is claiming that his sister in law Nina was there during the walk through and we were the ones that denied the sign off sheet and that she would testify against us. What a piece of work, I have no respect for liars. I can only hope that justice will come when we take him to small claims.

I finally spoke to the previos tenants before us and they had similar issues. Infact they replaced all the carpet themselves 5 years ago.

I also told his property management Laguna Beach Rentals what he had done and they basically said they just follow what is on his lease agreement. They have no problem with morals, as long as they get a check from him every time he has to rent the place out again.

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