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Chapel Sales / Beware!

1 United States Review updated:

2 young women came to my door one night in March 2007. They knocked, I looked through the peep hole and they waved to me. I felt like I couldn't ignore them then, so I opened the door. They lured me into buying a magazine subscription (making feel sorry for them and frankly I bit nervous). My checks have long been cashed and I have never seen any magazine. It's a complete SCAM! Don't fall into the same trap. I've since found so much information about them on the internet - ALL negative!

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  • Pe
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    Chapel Sales - Harassing me by mail for money
    United States

    We had 2 black people come to our door to sale disney books and they got us for $18.00 dollars for something we did not get. Now to make matters worst they never sent me anything i paid for. I want my money back rite now and i better not hear from them ever again or other wise they will pay.

    Now i am getting these letters in the mail telling me i have to pay them. We sent them a letter and they denied us and for what reason do they have that right. We will not pay them what so ever and if i get anymore of these i am sending to the police.

    I want them stopped rite now they have no rite to rip people off at there doors.

  • An
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    My contact with the Chapel employees was very similar. Two young men claiming to be from Atlanta, GA, approached me after work. They persuaded me into ordering 3 magazines to help them earn points. The also claimed to be students in need of money. I was 17 years old and naive at the time. I was told that the $20 I gave was my only payment. However, after I paid, I was given a recite with a $25 balance and a statement that says I will not receive any magazines until 90 to 120 days after my full payment. I have since then received 3 notices in the mail that say I owe the $25 plus $2 late fee. The transaction was made on December 11, 2006. I mailed in my cancellation, within the 3 business days but have yet to receive my money back. I received an involve every 10 days three or 4 times. I made a copy of the recite but lost it. I have recently found my recite and plan on making a personal complaint. Their website is, their phone number is 1-856-642-7849. My email address is [protected], please let my know if you think I am doing the right thing by pursuing this.

  • La
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    I placed a subscription with an alleged college student by the name of Chimere Callis (I now wonder if that is her real name) selling door to door in order to get a nursing scholarship for school. Eventhough I explained to her my finances, I really wanted her to have the opportunity to get the scholarship and pursue her dreams. I taught it rather strange that the subscription was for 3 three years, I asked what about a yearly subscription and she stated there was none. However, I give her a check deposit of $63.00 and she give me a card to mail the remaining balance of $75.00 within 2 weeks when it would become due. Two weeks later, I received a "second notice" in the mail from chapel sales, with my name misspelled, notifying me that I was late in my payment and I was being charged a late fee of $2.00. Wait a minute here it is considered a donation to assist someone. How can you charge a late fee for a donation. Now that I have done my research and reviewed the complaint board, I have reason to be suspicious. I sent an e-mail to Chapel Sales today notifying them to cancel my subscription and not to contace me in any form or manner. I will chalk this up to a learning experience and $63.00 dollars in the whole. The charm and innocence that is presented is what gets you. Just beware.

  • Ma
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    Chapel Sales is definately a Scam.

    The scam isn't only on the customers. It's also on the workers.

    I used to 'work' for them back in the mid-90's, so I should know.

    Of course, I didn't make many sales. I'm too honest.

    Anyhow, while I was there, they tried to get me to do all kinds of unsavory things. There is a strong peer pressure environment where they try to condition/brainwash their 'employees' into basically hating "Miss Jones" (Their name for potential customers while I was there). If you don't believe that, then inext time you meet one of them, tell them that your last name is Jones and watch them snicker. They made us practice our sales pitches every day and it was policy that we be made to come up with songs to mock 'Miss jones'.

    The college pitch is a complete sham. When we start there, we are told to use that pitch because nobody will turn away a struggling college student. So, we were instructed to ask people for their 'Vote for Education'.

    The job was also very dangerous.

    A few girls had gotten raped while running the routes. I, myself almost got shot because my partner was being very rude and pushy, which was uncalled for. On top of that, there was a incident involving a gun that had occurred at the hotel where we stayed while in Detroit.

    When I quit and returned home, I tried to get the news out, but had no luck. Nobody seemed to care about this terrible organization.

    Anyway, this is the song we were told to sing while I was there.

    "I'm a positive person,

    I'm a positive man,

    I'm gonna take Miss Jones for all I can,

    All her money, all her cash, it all get's took,

    I'm gonna sell miss Jones nine or ten books,

    I'll get her money and be on my way,

    Haha, I made my quota today."

    Seriously, don't buy from these kids. Advise them to give it up and live a real life instead. Working for Chapel is a waste of life.

  • Va
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    Chapel Sales - Magazine order never filled
    Chapel Sales
    520 Fellowship Rd
    New Jersey
    United States

    I purchased Shape Magazine on August 20, 2007. Delivery was never made despite calls and complaints. A refund was promised on April 16 which I also have not received. I have sent a fax with my order number but I was informed by Charlotte that the order had never been placed through them. I could send her my order form and she could reimburse me for the amount. I sent this fax with my order form and a request for a refund on 4/20/08 but have not received a refund.

    I would like a refund of my $49.00 as promised by the representative.

  • Ka
      12th of May, 2009
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    I totally agree with the comment above, chapel sales is a scam PERIOD. I also was tricked into working for chapel sales traveling state to state. Going door to door is dangerous in itself especially across the country. they would recruit young kids off the streets promising lots of money and success. I feel regret for lying to nice people and taking their money. Not only did we have to survive off the money earned but we also had to turn it in to a fake accountant at night and receieve pennies for our work. All in all it was wrong and still is. I will never forget all the kind people who helped me out and advise anyone not to take part in Chapel sales.

  • Co
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    chapel sales brings back so many meries to me i was an employee of them too everything said is true about them all they care about is sales fortunally i was was called the magazine queen please be ware of the scams they play

  • Ch
      28th of Sep, 2017
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    Hello people... it's crazy how I took it upon myself to Google my name for good and bad reviews and this pops up. I am a former employee of the so called organization. My name is Chimere Callis. I must agree with the other former employees about the way things went. Out of fear, I'm not going to speak too negatively about them but I will say that the job was very dangerous. I have since reached out to Mrs. Braga to refund her her money but I received no response. Even though I'm not responsible for the mishap I still felt a moral obligation to refund her the money that she initially paid. I have sent her my deepest apologies and even informed her that I actually am in the healthcare field.
    I agree with the people who say they worked for that company and offer my deepest apologies for those who were nice to me while I was dealing with so much back at that hotel. I got very few complaints at that company about myself... most of my orders cleared without a problem. But for those few like Mrs Braga... my deepest apologies and regret for any inconvenience it may have caused you. And if you're able to read this Mrs. Braga... my email address is the same and I will refund you your money. Even if I have to do it through money order to a P.o box, I will if you let me. And for what it's worth... because you and many people like you who believed in me during a time in my life when I didn't even believe in myself I am able to be successful in the healthcare career choice Im currently in. Thank you so much Mrs Braga and I'm so sorry for your inconvenience.

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