Channel Lettering / Paid for but never received

1 Honolulu, HI, United States

To begin, the couple who owned Oahu Signs have left the island and moved to Oregon where they are operating another business (filtered water), leaving behind many unpaid bills.
For myself, I am a small business owner who took out a loan to open my business. I went into the Oahu Signs offices to arrange for channel lettering to be done for display on the outside of the mall where my business is located. I paid 1/2 of the cost $1900 and left thinking within a few weeks, my sign would be ready for pickup. Never happened. First it was that Oahu Signs technician was off island on mainland attending classes so they were going to outsource the job. Then the outsourcing company didn't get full details of what to do so they didn't begin the project. After weeks of leaving messages, sending emails and every once in a while I would get Cindy Morse who is the worst of them all in avoiding her clients. When I finally did talk to her, she informed me that they would be sending my refund. Never happened. Repeated phone calls got no response. Finally decided after one year to take them to small claims and guess what? Cindy Morse had left the island. From there, I contacted the 'new owners' of Oahu Signs and they told me they only bought the client data and equipment, nothing else. So, I am out $1900 and it's horrible to think that there are so many unethical people out there. I am still paying on this loan I took out and have no channel lettering sign to this day. So, if you are ever in northern ORegon and run into a Cindy Morse... she ripped me off. Mahalo for reading my complaint.

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