CHANGZHOU DINGGANG CHANGSONG IMP. & EXP. CO., LTDFalse declaration of Shipping Documents

Dear Sir,

I wish to initiate a compliant on behalf o a Russian company against the above company for providing falsely declared shipping documents (with or without the knowledge of the shipping agent they use) resulting in Customs officers impounding their goods at the port of discharge and incurring monetary penalties. Could you please advise how I may initiate a complaint against the company to a Government Ministry on their dishonesty and bad faith in their business dealings resulting in losses and how my customer may take them before a court or tribunal in China to seek compensation and how they may seek a firm of lawyers specializing in this area of law. The only excuse they gave was that it's usual trading practice, however, I have never had that experience from other companies that I represent.

As a facilitator of their product (Laminated Floorings), I wish to denounce this company as a dishonest operator and that other companies be warned of their bad practices.

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