Champion Communications / 900 Phone Chargesw

1 P.O. Box 267007, Weston, FL, United States

I filed the following consumer complaint with Attorney Generals Office in OK and FL and BBB so far.

I am filing a consumer complaint against Champion Communications, a Weston Florida based Communications Company and . is an online baby simulation game for girls where children are encouraged to “create a virtual baby and then play, feed, dress, and see to their wellness.” Great! The problem is that when my twelve year old daughter went to the “marketplace” to buy things for her baby, like clothing and magical willow sap, the number one choice for her was to dial a premium phone number. This premium phone number, [protected], is provided by Champion Communications. When you select this choice there is a very small notice in French that the call will cost $3.00. I received a bill from Champion Communications two months after the event for $69.

This website and Champion Communications are exploiting children and their families. If the child was required to get a credit card, they would normally have to involve a parent in the purchase. I never chose to do business with Champion Communications. They chose to make a transaction with my twelve year old. If you need them I have copies of my bill from Champion, and pages from the website to illustrate my point. When I called to challenge the charges on February 2, 2010 I spoke to Neacy, a billing supervisor. She emphatically denied that charges originated from child’s website and insisted that the bill was the result of calls to “Personal/Dating” website. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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