Champion Chevrolet / 2013 chevrolet cruze

One of my daughter's purchased a Cruze from a different dealership. Last year she started having acceleration problems and rough running at idle problems and took it to champion Chevrolet in Fowlerville Michigan which is only 5 miles from our house. They kept telling her that nothing was wrong since the service engine soon light was not illuminated so there were no codes stored. Took it to an aftermarket repair facility and they found an Evap canister was cracked and replaced it, that took care of the rough idling problem but not the acceleration problem. That mechanic informed her of "The Cruze Turbo problems" since the dealership said nothing was wrong she continued driving it. Her power train warranty expired in December 2017 and sure enough march 2018 the car got worse and started setting codes P0299 Turbo Under boost being one of them. Back to the mechanic she went to verify it was a turbo code, he extracted the codes then accidentally cleared the codes. Took it back to Champion Chevrolet and told them what happened and they said they can't do anything without a code set. But the service manager sat her down and told her not to worry and that he could file a warranty claim even though her warranty expired. He said if GM wasn't going to help her that champion Chevrolet would. She drove the car approx 3 weeks until the sevice engine soon light came back on. Back to the dealership she went but they were too busy to extract the code so they put her in a rental car. I personally went up there and talked to both the service manager and the service writer at the same time. They told me that GMC wouldn't have any problems helping out with possibly at least half the bill and if they didn't champion would. A couple days later I get a call from the dealership saying GMC will not be participating with any of the claim and neither will champion! The turbo bill was quoted as $1497.00 when I met my daughter at the dealership for her to return her rental car and pick up her Cruze since we didn't have the money for the repairs they hit her with a rental car fee of $35 a day for 3 days AND hit her with a $150 diagnostics fee. When we asked to see the service manager we were told he was not at this location on Saturdays but we're told we could reach him at the Howell Michigan location. We sat down and called him and were subjected to horrible attitude and absolutely no"Customer service" he denied ever saying anything that he told not only my daughter but to me as well. He discounted the rental car fee and the diagnostics bill just to get rid of us.

As a Marine Veteran and a very loyal GMC customer I am shocked at GMCs refusal to do anything about this! I personally own a 1998 GMC 1500 Daily driver, 2000 GMC Sierra for pulling our 30 foot camper and am 1 year into my 3 year lease on my 2017 Z-71. My oldest daughter bought a 2014 Malibu and I even talked my mother and father in law into buying 2 Chevrolet minivans. I work for a large company 1.5 miles from Champion Chevrolet and have spoken to my boss and the district manager about this since we have 8 GMC 2500's that the route salesmen and Managers Dailey drive. Fowlerville Ford has wanted our business for years and I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I will not be renewing my lease on my 2017 Z-71 may possibly even trade it in. It is my personal opinion that GMC will not get anymore of our money.

Jun 07, 2018

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