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My wife set up an account with this site and went on to try and get some advice for my stepdaughter's gymnastics. I allowed this as these boards seemed to be full of good advice and some support for each other. My wife has a hard time at my stepdaughter's gym because of jealousy from the other mothers. My wife was very excited to meet some new friends, if only online, that could answer her questions and help her navigate the sometimes very confusing and overwhelming world of competitive gymnastics.

Instead of friendship or welcome my wife got publicly bullied and ridiculed about what she did not know. She was goaded and when she tried to give answers to questions she did not know (she did come onto that forum for answers to HER questions, not to get the third degree) she was grilled and ultimately ostracized from the "in" crowd on the boards. As I review the postings on the form where this happened I believe what I see is jealousy also from the posters on the form and then what they did was take advantage of the lack of knowledge my wife has and used that to basically launch an all out Internet witch hunt to discount my wife and what she was trying to do-which was simply get information so that we could make informed decisions for my stepchild.

As if the above was not enough one of the "staff members" contacted my wife through private message and basically called her a liar and threatened our child. Not bodily harm but by saying that she knew "coaches everywhere and I mean everywhere" basically a thinly veiled threat against my child and to harm her chances of success in gymnastics.

I have sent someone who claims to be the owner of a private message on this board last week but have yet to hear back from him. I just want people to be aware that this board and its forms do not seem to be just a place to get information but it is a place where there are very definite "clicks" and if your child seems to do better than what the other poster's children are doing you run the risk of being bullied and ostracized on the form.

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