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Chairman, FCC / Misconduct and Abuse

1 LaGrange, KY, United States


My name is Debra J. Maher and I am disabled.

This sounds hard to believe but the Chairman of the FCC who I was told let Adrienne Arpel of The Home Shopping Newtwork that he would have a credit card issued to me and sent right away. Since I am disabled and also have other medical issues, my medicine can be expensive and having always had a credit card to help me with medicine or anything else a person needs, I really thought I would get the card from the Chairman and had heard he was a very nice and caring man. It is hard to believe that I found out through a friend that he was only playing with me. She also said and I don't know if this is right that he thinks I have some kind of mental telepathy which I never have said I had and he heard me last night through mental telepathy and he told me that he knew I would find out he was only playing and that he is not married and hoped that we would meet and possibly get married as we are close to the same age. He was going to come to Kentucky and stay in a hotel and maybe but I am not sure take me back with him. I know this is very hard to believe and I find it hard to believe myself. I am feeling sick today from not having my medicine and what apparently went on and I don't know if this could be real as I don't think it is very normal at all. I always look at things in black and white and this is too much for me to bear. I wanted to know if I could file a complaint against the Chairman because I was depending on getting that credit card for medicine and my credit was ruined in 2001 from identity theft and fraud. The three major agencies know and even Trans Union has fraud written on the bottom of my report. I cannot understand that after well over seven years I still cannot get a credit card. If you could help me, I would be so very grateful as I need the help badly and cannot seem to find any one to help me get all my medicines not even a doctor or the ER.

Thanks again.


Debra J. Maher
3901 Joyce Drive
Crestwood, KY 40014


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