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I would not post my complaint normally if Chain reaction web would have been honest , but they constantly lie, guarantee and promise things they are unable to do, and then their customer service disappears for days.

We are in the process of moving to a new host (would love recommendations). We use and it has been a nightmare. For the last year our 2 sites are down at least once a week. They are constantly having "issues" with their servers.

About a month ago our site was down every single day - for a week the FTP function did not work, they said they were again having "issues". This went on for a week; we could not access our files via ftp at all. Then when they reuploaded the files, they copied incorrect files which caused errors.

Another problem -when I'd email customers, I'd get "mail returned" emails and the email address contained in the email was not even t he customer i was emailing, it was someone elses email account. I got this every time i emailed a customer for about a week. Chain reaction said "oh well that is because you are emailing a group of people". That was untrue too, I emailed ONE customer each different time.

Then i started getting OTHER peoples order confirmations (chain reaction webs other customers), and all of their emails too as well as their extra order information! (parts of cc numbers).

We were getting complaints from customers that every time they tried to order the site was down.

Then we had problems with the paypal module that we installed (and we knew it was working properly), kept giving customers errors, and we had no idea at all until a customer of ours said they went elsewhere because the paypal didnt work. I went on the live help at Chain reaction web and they told us "oh we know we are having CURL problems". they dont even bother to tell the customers -

Then we noticed that there were database errors on every check out page, again we didnt know this for days until we did our own test order.

Finally yesterday they said at 4pm "We are moving you to a new server tonight, THIS WILL be done tonight and we promise you will be very happy with this new server". I specifically said "are you sure this will be done tonight" and was told "yes this will be done tonight, we are starting your site within the half hour". Well within 5 minutes of that conversation, the site went down with a database error, so i thought they were finally working on it.

It is now the next day, almost 24 hours later, and that error is still there, and now their live help is down (it is never down), and all emails to them are bouncing back , and no answers on the phone.

We are finally fed up and are moving, we wrote a letter to the bbb as well. But we are sick and tired of their awful customer service and we don't want anyone else to have to deal with this, so pleas e stay clear of them

Thanks for listening to the rant!

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