CH (LTC) Steven Jerles / full size rv fridge

1 New Brunfels texas, United States

I am an active duty LTC Chaplain at fort hood, tx. I am completely dissatisfied with how the service went on my fridge. First, it never worked. So we call the whirlpool guy and he comes but wont pull it out of the cabinet. So more time lost. Then it takes 4 more times for whirlpool to fix the fridge at Camping World in New Brunfels, Texas.
First they misdiagnosed it and burned out the compressor. So, the next trip they replaced the compressor again but still misdiagnosed it and we took it home only for it not to work the next day. So back we go and they figured it had a leak. But, no parts. Never had parts on hand ready to go. So back we went and finally they fixed it. I cannot tell you the stress this has placed on my wife and I. I have a huge responsibility here at Fort Hood and cannot just take time off like this but I had to. And then there's the 2 1/2 hour trip each way from fort hood. It cost me $77 in fuel each time I took a trip. I had food and a hotel bill, and no one ever considered compensating me.
I'm so upset that I'm going to preach a sermon in each of our 13 chapels and use whirlpool as sermon illustrations that will not be good. I have influence here with over 100 chaplains and will let them know about my experience.
I'm going to find where I can rate whirlpool and it won't be pretty.
I'm giving you a heads up to my complete dissatisfaction with how I was treated.
My civilian cell is: [protected]
My army email is: steven.r.jerles.[protected]
Please feel free to contact me.
Thank you

Sep 26, 2017

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