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Certs Inc. / Airline ticket refusal!

1 4242 East Central Blvd. #413Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-866-292-0099

After attending a promotional meeting for a 'Travel Club' we were given paperwork to apply for two "free" air tickets to an agency called Certs, Inc. I sent in the required paperwork accompanied by two separate US Postal Service money orders for $50 each. I put down, as required, two different departure dates. These departure dates were Feb 9, 2008 and March 10, 2008. The instructions said that the two requested dates must be 30 days apart. We received a notice we had been non-compliant because the dates we requested did not have 30 days between departure dates. It seems obvious to me that no matter what dates were submitted there would be a refusal, egs. if the dates of 4 March 2008 and 4 April 2008 were submitted they would say that there are only 29 days between these dates, and if you submitted 4 March and 5 April they would say there are 31 days between these dates.

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  • La
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    My mom always told me "If it sounds too good to be true, then it is"! Everyday I discover how right she was.

    I would also like to register my complaint against Certs, Inc. Upon filling out the paperwork for the very exciting 7 nights/8 days on the Washington/Oregon Coast and obtaining a postal money order for $200, I couldn't seem to shake the nagging sense that somehow I was being set up for a great disappointment. The paperwork does a great job of warning you of their right to void the contract if all terms and conditions are not met. I really tried hard to do exactly as I was being instructed. Obviously, I didn't try hard enough!

    Yesterday I received the fateful denial letter saying I, in fact, had not meet the terms and conditions of the contract and the offer was null and void and I was NOT to attempt any contact with them as that status would not change. My first date listed happened to fall outside the validity period so, in fact, that date could not be considered. The second date of July 12, 2008 was rejected because it was part of the Veteran's Day Week. Veteran's Day is November 11, 2008, so realizing the error for rejection of the second choice, my husband contacted their "customer service" department.

    They clearly stated in the letter that their reason for rejecting our request was because "BOTH of the dates submitted violated the terms of the contract" (which is not true). Upon making contact with "Seneca", the reason for rejection changed to "BOTH of the dates submitted were not valid options". You are right, it didn't matter what we submitted. The process is impossible, and I caution anyone who is considering using their services. It was not a pleasant experience. Just hoping to alert others and help them avoid the heartache when hopes of traveling to great places are dashed.

  • Lo
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I too was taken by Certs, Inc. I would be interested to know if anyone ever gets tickets from them. For my first request they asked for additional money orders and then stated that I did not get the money orders to them in time. I mailed a copy of the envelope with their date stamp which was days after the date on the letter. They then agreed to reinstate my certificate. They could not honor my second date request, so they sent me another form to fill out with new dates. I submitted the new dates and low and behold got a letter and check back stating that my 2nd travel request on the new form was past the expiration date of the certificate. They did not refund the money from my 2nd money orders. So not only have I had to endure the frustation of dealing with them, but I am out money, not to mention the money for certified letters and Fed Ex. We did join the travel club, but we are going to quit it, because they used this scam promotional company. arg

  • Do
      10th of May, 2008
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    I also feel like I have been ripped off, wasting two valuable hours of our life, attending a Global Travel Group seminar and supposedly, in return, receiving 2 airline tickets for our time. After 4 months of telephone calls and sending in all of the information, by certified mail at my expense, to the redemption center of Global Travel Group, I finally received my vacation getaway certificate for airline travel only to find out that I had to fill out more paperwork. Now, they want me to send them $100 for something that is supposed to be free.
    Based on what I read in complaints, and my wasted time with these companies, i.e.: Global Travel Group, GTG Redemption and Certs, Inc, I think I will cut my losses and frustration and forget it...But before I do, I think I am going visit Global at their location in Scottsdale, AZ with a sign and tell people of the bad experience I had and not to waste their time...Then I am going to mail this information to the local TV stations and Newspaper and see if they will some how let people know how crooked these people are...

    What a Scam...

  • Ce
      23rd of Jun, 2008
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    First, we'd like to apologize for any inconveniences you may have experience redeeming your travel certificate from our company. Keeping that in mind, we'd like to point out a few important details regarding the travel certificate business.

    Our business is no different than any other business transaction in which both parties must comply with their agreement and adhere to the terms of service.

    We highly recommend in the future if you receive a call or postcard from a marketing company promising you a travel certificate if you attend a timeshare presentation that you ask for the name of the company responsible for providing the incentive.

    We further recommend if it is a Certs, Inc. incentive, that you visit our web site ( where you can read the entire terms of service for each incentive we offer, and then make an educated decision on whether of not to move forward with the presentation.

    Certs, Inc. has no control over the presentation by the marketing company or the sales tactics used by the vacation club representative. However, we do police their activities and from time-to-time will discontinue the sales of our products to these companies if we feel there is misrepresentation.

    Certs, Inc. has never, and will never, change the terms of service on our incentives "after" it has been presented to our clients customers.

    If you have not received a booking confirmation from our company for the travel date(s) you provided, you are entitled to a full refund of all monies paid to Certs, Inc.

    Due to the inconveniences of a large cancellation rate for booked travel, your travel dates will not be confirmed until 14 days in advance. This is to benefit you by allowing a full refund in case you an experience a life event that keeps you from traveling on the dates you provided us.

    If you feel you have not received a fair chance at redeeming your travel certificate, please contact our customer service department (1-800-292-0099) so we can research your situation and act accordingly based off your incentive's terms of service.


    Gregory A. Peaden, CEO
    Certs, Inc.

  • Je
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    425 EAST CENTRAL BLVD. #413
    United States
    Phone: 1-866-292-0099

    I received an offer of a trip on serial#wcw-5547. I wasready to sign for the 3 day but realized after I received the offer that there were no locations I wanted to go to. I cancelled my trip and collected the alternative o $ 1, 000. in savings certificates. The refused to honor this when I called to complain. On 9/26/08 I wrote to the president of the company and as of 10/28/08 I have received no reply. The people should realize that this is a scam.
    Jerome Sobel 201-585-7784.

  • Aa
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    Certs Inc. - money order
    certs inc.
    United States

    what a bunch of cowards, liars, and cheaters I thought a money order is a money order, its just thier way of screwing you for not sining up for their program which didn't even sound like a good deal. I sent them 1 gas receipt a while ago and haven't heard anything back. What a waste of time and money on a babysitter

  • Bo
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    I'll add to the list of VERY unhappy people TRYING to work with Certs, Inc. the 800 number Mr. Peaden lists above is an auto glass business. The 866-292-0099 listed on the certificate we received is a dead end. After dozens of tries no-one answers.

    The Wanna Fly Away! promotion is ambiguous, and the instructions clearly state if I don't follow the rules I lose.

    This is all definitely immoral and perhaps illegal. Certs sucks.

  • Bo
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Certs Inc. - Till date I have not received my money and when I try to call their no. it goes to voicemail
    Certs Inc
    United States

    I paid the $29 fee to enroll in this 3 day 2 night hotel stay and never did receive my voucher to reserve a date. The numer to call is to a Safety Auto Glass. TOTAL SCAM!

  • Du
      2nd of Oct, 2011
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    Certs Inc. - Till date I have not received my money and when I try to call their no. it goes to voicemail
    Certs Inc.
    United States

    I got this free vacation getaway package for 2 nights at Marriott.But inorder to get it I had to send two money orders in the amounts of $75(sent on sept 3, 2008) and $30(sent on Nov3, 2008) to the above address. The entire amt was to be refunded back to us once we completed our stay. But inspite of our giving them all dates and fulfilling all requirements, I got a unavailability notice on 16th June 09.At this point I called up and spoke to their representative Tara and asked her to cancel and send my money back(since they were unable to get my reservation even after seven months), she told me to write Refund across the unavailability notice and send it back to them and promised that I will get my money back in 4-6 weeks.I called her back on August 31st, 2009 at which point she said their was some changes made in their organisation on August 30th and so now I will have to wait another 4-6 weeks. Till date I have not received my money and when I try to call their no. it goes to voicemail. I have all the copies of return receipt, money orders and their communication. I would greatly appreciate any help in getting my money back.

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