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Certs, Inc. / Festiva Resorts / Do not say yes

1 424 E. Central Blvd., Ste 413Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-292-0099 or 800-613-6354

Through Festiva Resorts, we paid a small fee of $99 for a 4day/3night stay in Myrtle Beach knowing that there was a time-share presentation that we'd have to attend for a few hours. Included in this fee was a free 3day/2night stay at another hotel in a town of our choice (from their list of course) to be used up to a year after our presentation, 2 cruise passes, a $25 dinner voucher and $250 Nascar certificate to purchase stuff online at that website.

The first part went well, although the sales guy from Festiva was a complete JERK- to be expected since we didn't purchase anything. The second part is where it goes down hill.

In February 2008 we received our paperwork for our "free" hotel stay from CERTS, INC. and filled out all the necessary information... first and second choices (for times in May and June) from their list and sent the tax fee of $9.40 per night. We received a notice a few weeks later stating that there was nothing available for those times and to please call the 800# listed below to pick another location for those times. So I called CERTS, Inc. only to be told that the ONLY location they had available for the month of May and June was Orlando. So, I accepted and off we went. We arrived at the Days Inn in Orlando and had to switch account information as the hotel needed an actual credit card- so I gave them mine-thinking that it was normal. We got our room; only to turn around and ask for another room because the security panel on our room was broken and it wasn't safe to stay there. The desk clerk Marina at the Days Inn was very put out and gave us another room in which the plug outlet behind the mattress was literally TAPED to the wall and the other bed had HUGE holes by the head area. I was afraid to ask for yet another room -thinking the next one would be even WORSE. It was the most disgusting hotel that I've ever stayed in! Needless to say, we were charged for our two "Free" nights at a crappy hotel and I'm still trying to get reimbursed by CERTS, Inc... I have called 5 separate times as of today and was told to call again tomorrow to see if there are any new developments. I told Tara at CERTS, Inc. that I will keep calling her and Seneca until I am reimbursed from them or the hotel.

I know, good luck with that! Well, one can only hope... So learn from MY mistakes and DON'T SAY YES to Festiva Resorts/CERTS, INC. unless you WANT to get ripped off!

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  • Re
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    Needless to say, We just experienced the same as you. The only difference was that we didn't even get a chance to go visit the Resort. Festiva was suppose to send forms with all the information in detail 2 weeks prior to the trip. I started getting a bit upset because this is what we were told over the phone once we paid the small fee of $99.00. I attemped to make phone calls, in which every rep that I spoke to had no information in the system regarding our reservations which I must say was aproaching fast. To make a long story short, We got ripped the Hell off by this sorry company called Festiva.. The worse part about it all is that one of the District managers over the marketing sales department promised me that he had another condo else where. He lied too!! I would like to file a complaint against this company because all they are doing is taking people for their money. Yes it is only 99.00 but it is 99.00 that my husband & I worked our butts off for not Festiva.. This is the sorriest company that I have ever came across. Festiva is the kind of cmpany that they do stories on the news about, meaning running scams on people. We are already spreading the word from South Carolina as far as Texas and Florida.. Hopefully it will reach the news as well .. Working on that one too..
    We are quit sure there a plenty of angry customers out there who have went through the same as I or others.. They need to be shut down.. I am one pissed off customer right about now and Festiva can go straight to Hell...

  • Ge
      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    I am an owner at Festiva. It is the worst mistake I ever made. They have started this thing calle dthe Adventure Club. It is a complete rip off. I lost 6000 dollars! If you call them in North Carolina they hang up on you.

  • Ro
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    i didn't even have to listen to the 90 minute presentation and i was given a voucher for 2 free round trip airline tix and 1 week free rental car.

    Of course - i had to jump thru some hoops, as always, to get the "free" stuff and i understand about having to pay the taxes, but having to send in your ID or having to put $$ up front?

    Everything about this was coinciding with a trip i am planning but i decided to "Google" Certs., Inc and WHOA!!! was i surprised to read so many complaints starting from 1 year ago today - September 2008.

    Thank you all for being so courageous to post your complaints for the rest of us to research and not have to go thru what you are going thru.

    Thank you!!!

  • K
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    the salesman from the Adventure club just left my house!! WOW! I'm glad we didn't buy into it. Seemed odd to us that we can't use this timeshare that we had purchased 3 yrs ago?? I don't believe him. He says "everyone" is getting rid of the week system and going to the point system??? So, can I no longer use my week??? HUH?...luckily, I was too dumb to understand his pitch and didn't make any purchase...

  • Fe
      7th of May, 2009
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    K - if you own a week at a Festiva Resort, you certainly still can use it; however, there are additional benefits associated with joining the Adventure Club.

    If you have any other questions, please visit

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