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Certified Tires / Over charged, damaged my vehicle

1 1820 W Ramsey St, Banning, CA, United States Review updated:
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I ordered a set of tires for my Jeep Wrangler here last week at 9:30 am. I was told that it would take approximately one hour for the tires to be delivered. At 11:00 am I called to see how the work was coming along, I was told that "the tires have just arrived, and that they just started working on it. At that time I was informed that my shocks, front breaks, and rotors were warn, and I agreed to a break job, new shocks, flush, and an alignment check on top of the agreed upon work order. The manager said that the job would be complete at approximately 4:00 pm. At 4:00 pm I arrived to see if the job was finished, only to see that my jeep was sitting on the rack. The tires and shocks had been installed, but I had to wait an additional 30 minutes for the alignment check. when The mechanic brought my jeep out I asked if the alignment was ok, he said "It was fine, no adjustment needed".

The work order clearly showed that I was charged for "Thrust alignment", and "lifetime alignment" amounting to around $200 extra, on a $2600 bill. I did not agree to the Lifetime alignment, and the mechanic clearly stated that no alignment was done, or needed. When I talked to the manager, he stated that he had "thrown in" some labor discounts, and "promotional discounts" amounting to around $200. My understanding is that a "promotional discount" is a sale price, so he wasn't really saving me any money, and the labor discount was -$20 for over $700 in labor, a whopping 2.5% discount. That's not much help.

The mechanic that changed the front steering stabilizer left hammer marks on the steering tie-rod. If the mechanic had used the correct tools, he wouldn't have had to beat on it with a hammer. Why should I pay over $700 in labor, when the mechanic didn't take the time to use the proper tools? When I came back to complain to the manager about the hammer marks, and a scraping noise in the front end, he said give me the keys and I will have a mechanic look at it in a "half an hour". I stated that I was taking my Jeep to Chrysler, and the manager followed me out of the store saying "I will have it checked out" . No thank you, I will not have ANY of my vehicles worked on by Certified Tires EVER AGAIN.

P.S. A certified Chrysler/Jeep mechanic looked over the work they did, and agreed that the mechanic did indeed hit the tie rod with a hammer. and that they in fact did not alter the "Thrust angle", Ridiculous. I have attached a photo:

Certified Tires

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  • Al
      1st of Sep, 2011
    +1 Votes

    As usual, Mr. Schoof will be brought in to spin and deceive. For those that don't know it yet ... Mr. Schoof is the company spokeshole for most of the lies.
    There is no other way to put this delicately ... This company, Certified Tire, (as are most of their current employees) is dishonest and has a consistent negative reputation & blatant disregard for customer service. These guys will lie to entice customers to bring their autos in for service (which is NOT necessary). I have personal and first hand knowledge that Mr. Schoof is one of the worst offenders for Certified Tire and is ACTIVELY being investigated for unlawful business practices and fraud.
    These guys are BAD news ... ALL of them! I believe this type of customer theft is 'company policy' and needs to be dealt with severely.
    I can personally arrest to unlawful and deceptive business practices at multiple locations of Certified Tire ... 'Goodyear' should spend a few minutes and look into what this company is doing to the 'Goodyear' business name. I am sure the result will be a Cease & Desist on the use of the Goodyear name as part of this dishonest group of liars and crooks.

  • Ir
      8th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Mr Albert Levine
    I agree with you. it is company policy there way or the highway. They are now in Northern ca, doing the same. Goodyear cant find people to run there failing stores. So they will look the other way. Goodyear sells tires everywhere not just Certified tire who have deep pockets inless you find a way into those pockets? The desease will continue to spread. Another note theres a new generation being groomed for the same practice.

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