Cerona Networks Corporation / Vendor not Paid

1 Frederick, MD, United States
Contact information:

Be very careful when dealing with this company. They purchased close to $10k worth of equipment from us based on net30 days terms, and now two years later they still haven't paid our invoices. This is a company of thieves.

At first, the owner (Mitch Robinson) would come up with false promises about paying the invoices in 1 month's time, however every month it was the same excuse "we'll pay you next month". Eventually they stopped responding to our emails and phone calls. We offered to put them on a monthly payment plan and to work out some kind of a deal but they were not interested. Why pay when you can keep our equipment for free...

Eventually after almost a year we decided to utilize the services of a collections agency. It was the same story all over again. The owner would promise to pay the collector at a later time, only to go back on his word when payment was due. After a year the collection agency gave up and so did we. Proof including invoices, and email exchanges is available.


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