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I have been laidoff since March of 2009, and was given a severance package which includes health care from Ceridian Cobra Services, All started off with issues and problems got that fixed and now as of Oct 27th 09 they have cancelled our coverage for a simple situation of how the government handles the mail and how they recieve it.
They have cancelled our coverage for being late on paying the payment they say if it was not post marked by the 15th then coverage will be terminated and a refund for payment will be sent out.

The situation of all of this is My wife has to have 5 medications to help her health issues and the cost of these prescriptions is with insurance over $100.00 with coverage, without it is over $200.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ventura, CA00, she is also scheduled for surgery after the first of the year which was covered under the insurance to help her health situation that is now cancelled.

The situation is when you go from $ 60, 000 a year to nothing both on unemployement and have to wait to get your check and then get your statement and mail it off takes time and you should have at least a little time to get the premium paid unfortunatly this company dont see anything but money and nothing else. They also advised this is a federial law not there doing well the federial people need to stop and rethink all of this in a better situation. The other issue is when people come to your door telling you your son was injured in Iraq fighting for our freedom and you still have all of life's everyday issues to contend with. We need help now not later they have the money that was to keep our coverage why not keep the coverage going instead of being so hard on people.

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  • Bu
      Nov 16, 2009

    i agree, i was just cancelled because of a mail glitch and a late check. first one ever in 6 months of Cobra. do we have a recourse? surely this is not real because it is life and death for some of us. i have a scheduled tooth pull this Friday but it looks like the $600 will be comeing out of my pocket. which i don't have as i'm on unemployment insurance. there has got to be a solution for this.

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  • Ce
      Mar 03, 2010

    I have had similar problems with Ceridian. They canceled my policy retrocativley after a hospital stay. The hosptial stay was April 17th 2009. I recieved a refund check in June for overpayment. Then in November I began getting bills from Hospitals, Labs, and Doctors stating that my insurance was cancelled for non payment effective April 1, 2009. I only got some attention after I emailed the VP and Legal counsel at Ceridian. But they still did not correct their error. I contacted several area attorneys, but since I live near Ceridian's offices they were already on retainer from Ceridian and will not take my case due to conflict of interest. I have filed a claim with the Florida Department of insurance, and the US Department of Labor. I am still waiting to see what will happen to my $20, 000 on bills.

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  • Co
      Sep 12, 2010

    You would normally expect to be forewarned by the COBRA administrator if there was an account issue prior to termination. Actually, this is the normal practice you would expect from any critical service provider that you work with (IE mortgage company, gas & electric, etc.). This practice is a precedent for all service providers.

    I had a similiar occurence where my insurance was terminated. I had no idea there was any issue prior to termination. I complained to the administrator who denied my complaint. I complained to the department of labor in New York who is responsible for COBRA oversight but who were less then helpful and did not seem to know the COBRA law. Finally I complained to my congressional representative from New Jersey, Rep. Chris Smith. His staff, working with the congreesional counsel determined that the COBRA regulations support a notfication process that should be followed by the COBRA administrator. Specifically that the administrator is required to notifiy the benefit recipient prior to any termination of issues that might result in a termination so that the recipient may have an opportunity to resolve the issue. It is plain common sense to expect that this is how something like this should occur. The congressmen agreed with both the principal of my argument and the principal was reinforced by the finding his staf came up with. Rep. Smith was kind enough to write a letter in support of my argument to the department of labor. While this has been dragged out for several months, I am committed to making sure the law supports a proper notification process. Please write or call Rep. Smith's office [protected]), ask for Mr. Kush. I believe this is a big issue and the legislators need to know that you are having an unacceptable similiar termination experience. That's the only way to get this issue fixed for everyone impacted.

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  • Ce
      Sep 15, 2010

    I have been having this problem with Ceridian for 2 months and it's still not fixed.

    They are the worst!!!

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  • Ce
      Sep 15, 2010

    I kept my payments going with Ceridian but they lost them, didn't credit them correctly, didn't sign me up correctly to begin with and now none of my doctors is being paid! There is no excuse for this. Especially since they won't even call me back (after months of trying to get this straight). They say someone will call Today, and they don't! I am out of ideas, I'm considering the legal route at this point, they have caused me and my family too much agony and expense with NOTHING to show for it! What a sorry company!

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  • Mo
      Feb 17, 2011

    Wow! I thought it was just us getting the run around from Ceridian. My husband was unexpectedly given early retirement since his company wanted to reduce head count by 70 or so. So, we went online to sign up for Cobra right away since his employer will cover our health insurance for 30 days. Our online "account" had only the option to sign up for single+1 which is not right. It's like they were deliberately trying to kick our 2 sons off our policy. There are 4 of us and we currently have FAMILY coverage which is our right to extend under the law. So I called Ceridian and guy said oh - that we have to do the snail-mail option. Fine, I ran down to the post office and sent our enrollment application via certified mail feeling secure that ceridian would get it shortly and I'd KNOW when they got it. A few days later, I went to check at USPS tracking, to see if Ceridian rec'd our application. Eeeek!!! Note at USPS tracking said there was "no one authorized at Ceridian to accept our letter and sign for it" [at 10 Am on a Monday morning, not a holiday. What???!!!] so it was just sitting in the post office at St. Petersburg, FL and if they [Ceridian] didn't pick it up it would be returned to me in 15 days. So I called Ceridian immediately and guy couldn't promise that anyone would go to the post office and get it and he said to apply online so I had to explain AGAIN that online did not offer us the correct FAMILY option. So he told us to fax it. So I faxed it. I had asked him for the premium totals with the CORRECT ploicy and he refused to give it to me until our enrollment was validated blah...blah...blah. Oh and they wouldn't be sending out invoices until the 19th or 20th of the month. WHAT!!?? That would never give us enough time to get our premium paid before our policy lapsed. I called HR at hubby's old company and they had the premium total we would owe and I mailed our check out right away, regular mail this time since they didn't accept certified mail before. So how do I know WHEN my check gets posted??? The FAQs at Ceridian site says to click on "View/Print Payment History" and I do not even see this option anywhere on their site. Today I do see a "credit" for the amount of our check online but there is no date associated with it. I would like to know exactly when our account was "credited" if in fact I can believe the website. The bad news is that when I checked our bank records online today there is no record of the check being cashed. Today is the 17th of February and our health insurance will end in 10 days. We have been at this since the beginning of the month without much progress. I resent all the time this is taking me and I don't need all this stress. I have an awful feeling that our coverage will lapse despite my efforts. When I googled complaints about Ceridian/COBRA I could not believe the number of folks being given the runaround by Ceridian. I, too, plan to see a govt representative ASAP about filing a formal complaint about them. They should not get away with treating folks like this. And I'm sure they are getting paid big bucks. Grrrr!!!
    P.S. I LOVE the note on their website that says - if your check is not posted within 2 weeks then you better send tham another one.

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  • Cl
      Mar 04, 2011

    This is the worst company ever. Their customer service reps give out information, you rely on it and then find out your coverage has been suspended . They change their story every time you call and do everything possible to make life more difficult. I tried today to use their website to get account information so I would have something in writing and had technical problems which their tech service helpline rep said could take 5-10 business days to correct!

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  • Xc
      Feb 28, 2013

    Absolutely HORRIBLE. These people are monsters. Even though I repeatedly change my password, write it down OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I can never log on and pay my COBRA. Now it will not take my over the phone payment. For all the money I am paying for health insurance, what the [censored] are you people doing with it?! It certainly isn't going toward tech support! Why won't you take my money tonight? That is what you corporate folk love so much! You value it over your own family and friends, you know you would gut your own mother with your bare hands for the right price, and here I am, working my ### off to pay for my benefits and you won't even accept payment now! You people are a [censored]ing joke. Go ahead, cancel my benefits because your system is glitchy. I am going to tell every single person I know to cancel their accounts with you. I will NEVER forget this and Ceridian will never get a good review or recommendation from me. Guess you will just have to keep raising those premiums to feed the corporate fat cats!

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  • Je
      Dec 06, 2013

    The United States Department of Labor regulates Cobra Health Insurance continuation. Ceridian made it impossible for me to make my first payment. Ceridian sent me a notice of eligibility after my employment was terminated at age 64 but when I tried to make the first payment, Ceridian could not recognize either my social security number or the ID No. assigned to my case by Ceridian! i filed a complaint with the Department of Labor. i received a call back from their local office in ledd than three hours later. The Department and I were on the phone with Ceridian for more than half an hour. The Ceridian representative who was almost surely from Pakistan or India had never heard of the Department of Labor. He had to explain to her that it is the US government agency that regulates the Cobra program. we were then switched over to the payment agency Ceridian uses. after 10 or 15 minutes, I was after three days of trying, able to make the first payment that included a $7.95 "service fee." I am convinced that the mission statement of Cerdian is to place every possible obstacle in the way to keep people who have lost their jobs from exercising their Cobra rights. I urge anyone who has similar problems to file a formal complaint with the U S Department of Labor. Jeff in Florida.

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