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Ceridian Benefits / Claim Handling

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Submitted claim they denied for missing information. Had they actually read the receipt they would have seen it contained precisely the information they needed. Now I'm told it will take up to 10 business day for it to be reviewed AGAIN. Nothing but problems with claim submission with Ceridian Benefits. After complaining to our HR department, they advised I'm not the only one complaining about them. I guess Ceridian has taken the mentaility that they can be sloppy because we employees can't do a thing about it.

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  • Kq
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    I'm new to the Ceridian method, but I'm quickly learning how right you are. It seems every representative I speak with on the phone tells me something different and I'm not getting me Flex spending claims resolved. I'm pissed at my company for switching to this Ceredian in 2010!

  • Me
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    According to the information from the IRS, in order to get your money from receipts/whatever you send them, you need receipts that have the amount of the services, the dates of the services, the types of services and the doc's name, or where ever you went to get the services, adn they need to be listed for each and every service, can't just be something like from january 1st through june 1st paid $500 for office visits, it's supposed to be broken down into each individual day and each individual service on those days. Without all that stuff, according to the IRS, you can't get reimbursed. I've had FSA's in the past with ceridian handling them and haven't had any problems, as long as you have all the information and fill out those claim forms with the details and double check the irs guidelines to see what you can get your money back for, then it's fine. What I really don't understand is some of my coworkers would send all of their receipts and crap for the entire year in at once, some with about 35 pages! That's just asking for mistakes right there. I always sent in the receipts at the end of each month, and never had a problem getting my reimbursements within a week, unless of course my employer had a weird schedule of when the money goes out. If you do the research and find out for yourself what is needed and accepted to be reimbursed, you won't have any problems. The only problems I ever had was my faxes not going through, and of course my fax at work was sketchy at best so I didn't expect much out of it.

  • Me
      23rd of Mar, 2010
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    Oh i forgot to add, as to the time frame for the receipts to be reimbursed, it all varies as to when you send in the receipts. I was told multiple times that my employer set up one day each week(friday for me) for the money to be sent out to me, and based on that day, i needed to send in my receipts and make sure ceridian received them by wednesday of each week to get my money back at the end of the week. They always told me that it can be at most 2 days for them to see the faxes after i sent them, and if they weren't able to see them after 2 days then they didn't go through, then as long as they got my receipts on wednesday, i'd get the money sent to the bank on friday as i guess the claims process is 2 days and from what i was told the receipts don't get processed until it's one or two days before the regular schedule my employer set up for us to get reimbursed. So i'd send my stuff on monday and then the money came back well saturday is when it was in my bank account. You should call and ask what your employers reimbursement days are, that way you'll know the best time to send in your receipts to get your money back asap.

  • Ju
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    U havr done ur research and ur right. I use to wrk for ceridian abd although there are a lot of ppl that dnt have problems there are probably three to that one that do have problems bc they either dont do their research or just dnt understand and never take time out to get info needed to get their claims processed. I aslo agree that it is a bad idea to send all of ur claims in at once. The claims department some how either losses info or just simply dnt process it. Plan and simple its just askin for problems. As far a claim submission a the procesing time frames. It can deoend on they emplyer most reimbursement dates are on fridays, if thats the case its best to send the claim a week in advance simply bc its up to 48 hrs to view the submission and it could be about 3-5 days to process. I have seen claims get processed on the same day rcvd and paid on the next. Ive also seen claims sit for days to weeks processed but never paid so best bet is to get the claim in as soon as possible if there is a reimb date coming

  • Wo
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    I have done my research and I have listed everything required. However, claims get denied because something is missing. When I check to see if something is missing, I find that the required item is there. For instance, claims departments tells me that I am missing a FSA reimbursement form. I look at my Cerdian Benefits folder on may email and I open up the attachment and there it is, in preferred PDF format, with signature and all. So, I forward the email again, and again, and again, and again, and I still get the same answer---no FSA reimbursement form received. The email dialog proves it all. My issue has been going on for over a year-July 28th, 2009 and this is August 20, 1010.

    I just spoke to someone today and I asked if I am the only one who is having an issue, and the costumer service person said, "To be honest with you, no, There are many."

    How embarrassing is that?

  • Ma
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    Make it clear I am not an idiot and surely have far more education and professional experience than any of the Ceridian representatives or likely even all of them altogether. I am now having daily communication with Ceridian regarding my denied claims. Any doubters need to explain this one: claims denied to no "no receipt submitted". But 2 receipts were submitted on the SAME PAGE. One was processed, the other denied for "no receipt submitted". They were on the same page! This is happening repeatedly for me and Ceridian is wasting their money and time dealing with me every day. I suggest others do the same - do not let their ignorance or arrogance excuse them. Keep sending them email and make them have to deal with you every day. And when they send you the irrelevant email responses, respond back telling them it was irrelevant and again state your problem/question. Your 2 minutes to write that email everyday, from all of us, will cost them so much money and time to process.

    Matt Rowell

  • Ki
      10th of Sep, 2010
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    My old company used paychex and it was extremely easy, timely, and simple. I switched jobs and my new employer uses Ceridian- its like day and night. Ceridian is extremely slow and loves to hold on to my money. I do not know HOW they are in business when paychex was much much better.

  • Er
      22nd of Mar, 2012
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    Well I don't think they try to hold your money but i think they are trying to STEAL your money is a better word to say.

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