Ceravolo's AutoBuying a vehicle

I bought a vehicle from this place a little over a year ago. The only reason why I'm submitting a complaint now is because some new information about my vehicle has very recently been brought to my attention. When I first bought it, it needed a part. The sales person was great, at first. It was taken into the shop right away. After about two weeks of not having a vehicle, I called the shop to check on the status and to see how things were going. The sales person called me after and totally ripped me a new one! He threatened to not sell me the vehicle and to come and pick up my old one. I was so angry, I was crying. He then called me back a few minutes later to apologize. Apparently, the shop manager was not supposed to know that my vehicle was supposed to be there. The mechanic was doing it as a "favor". That should have been my first red flag and I should have just walked away. But I felt I couldn't really complain because the sales person was incredibly nice enough to give me a ride to work in the mornings. Now, I purchased this under the impression it was 4wd. That is exactly what he told me and I had no reason to think otherwise. It even had the 4wd emblem on it. Well, I took it to my mechanic a few weeks ago for a new waterpump and found something very alarming. The front drive shaft for the 4wd was missing and had been for quite some time (the rod was rusted)! I drove all winter long without 4wd! They are so lucky I didn't find this out until now. Otherwise they would have a hefty lawsuit on their hands.

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