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I opted for paperless billing.I have three accounts, one is business, one is at one house, the third is at another house.

For some reason I stopped receiving bills to one house. I contacted Centurylink to find out why but it took them three weeks to respond to me. They finally responded and told me they needed to check my phone lines. They came on and checked them and I had absolutely no service and my phone.

I called them again and after being on told and passed around for 90 minutes, I was still unable to resolve anything because they were "Closed until Monday!!". So, on Monday I called them again. They told me that my bill was "past Due". I told them I knew it was and I I needed to resolve the issue that my bills were not being sent.

They patched me through to billing. I spoke with a woman who asked me to pay in full my bill right then. I told her "No problem", gave her my information and paid the bill in full. I left the country on vacation for a month and when I returned, I received notice that my bill was overdue!

I was shocked because I had paid by phone before I left!! So, I paid it again. A few weeks later I received notice that my account was closed for nonpayment. So I went into my account and there was a credit of $130!!!

I called to find out what the *** was going on and everyone was as nasty and as unhelpful as could be. A few days later I received a check for the $130 credit. Go figure. But it did not end there.

We went to refinance our home and found that our excellent credit rating was trashed by CenturyLink.When I contacted CenturyLink, their response was "Sorry about that". To date, their erroneous rating has cost us more than $3000 to date because we did not get the mortgage rate we anticipated because, and ONLY because of the one poor rating Centurylink gave us for something that was their fault and not ours.

Aug 25, 2016
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  • Cm
      Aug 25, 2016

    It is not so much that this company has the poorest customer service, the worst phone and internet service, unfair pricing, or complete incompetence, but to ice the cake, they set out to trash the good reputations of 30+ year loyal customers. That is really below the belt.

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