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Century One Loans / Terrible experience

6500 Young St.Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 416-832-1378
On 10/28/08 I was contacted by a woman named Amy Fisher from Century One Loans who stated I could get a personal for 10, 000.00 but had to pay a secured down payment of 1825.00 by western union and then the loan would be deposited to my account. She also states that the down payment will be refunded to me in 90 days if I make all payments on time. She faxed me a contract and business certificate to sign and prove the company was real.On oct.31 2008 I sent the money western union and paid 198.00 fee which would be refunded me and called her the receipt number. The money was to be deposited into my account by 2:30 pm that day. Well no money ever was transfered and when I contacted them they state that it was an error on her part and I actually needed 3000.00 down and if I just send a 1000.00 more the money would be deposited. I argued that this was not my error and I at least needed my money back she stated it would take 4-6 weeks. I have asked to speak to manager or someone else or a number for a complaints department and they have refused to give me any other number. They say they will refund my money but if I send more money I can have the loan. Do not fall for this like I did. Due to this I have a child in college with 6 weeks left of school with no place to live now, I will have my electric shut off in 2 days and lost my car insurance and have no heat for my other children and these people just don't care!


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  7th of Nov, 2008
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amy fisher contacted me too. and they told me to deposit the money to western union for the amount of 1285. can you please email me i want to know more about this company.
  13th of Nov, 2008
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Hey, thanks for the info!! I was also contacted by this woman, she asked me for 1484 deposit, so I told her to give me 24 hours to let me come up with the money. I decided to do some research on this company before I made any decisions, because I have been scammed before. I read this, and not to my surprise this company really don't exist. Thanks to the honest crowd, some of us can avoid horrible mishaps. I am also going to spread the news. I want you to know that I am sorry for your monetary loss, but God will bless you for the care that you have to let other people know so this cannot keep happening to them too.
  16th of Nov, 2008
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You know what's funny? I just got done dealing with a fraud company named Treeline Lending Group, and then robbed me of $2600 far as a security deposit goes, and when I tried to get it back they disconnected their phone number, website is still there though, I plan to sue the hell out of them. Because of them, I have a crap load of bills piling up, I owe people money for helping me with getting the loan, and I have bills like everyone else, and those people pretend to take a deep concern with your worries and expenses, and just screw you over even more to get their hands in your pockets!

Oh, and the funny thing with this company? They said that they agreed to send my loan to me first and I would take the security deposit out of that and give it back right? Well 3 wks go by and I haven't seen it, I have bill collectors up my behind and I'm getting worried, right? Then they tell me on Friday 11-14-08 that the check was cashed, right? That is IMPOSSIBLE in the US, there isn't anyway in HELL that that could happen unless on a joint-account with someone. So I'm really glad I received this information by the grace of God to not make the same mistake twice.

Oh and by the way, if you want their number (because I'm sure they've changed it after all that went down) it's 1-416-828-6515, and the representatives name is Kenya, maybe she's the exact same person that called you too?

Seriously this crap needs to stop! We're honest people looking for a helping hand to get our lives back on track, and you have people like them who just don't care, and it's f***ing ridiculous!
  17th of Nov, 2008
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I got my money from them!
  17th of Nov, 2008
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I havent had the same problem that the Original poster has had. I was skeptical about them too and I got through with my loan. I know sometimes that it seems all companies are cut from the same cloth but I had a positive experiecne with them and im now debt free. Im sorry you had such a bad experience.
  17th of Nov, 2008
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  17th of Nov, 2008
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hey wtf kinda crap is that? i think one of the people who works for so called :"century one" posted my name saying i got my money from them? ###!

i call amy fisher today who didn't even remember me and told her all the information that i received over the weekend that was downing her company, and i called for reassurance that i relax me nerves, and i told her from the beggining of the phone call that i wasn't calling with an attitude, and i explained what my cousing said about them and what some other people said about them, and she got irrate with me! like seriously hung up on me and everything, and i kept calling back to explain i just wanted her to tell me it wasn't true, and apparently it must be b/c she threatened me with the cops and ### if i called again, and i called back to try to settle it and she really has a temper issue, because i told her form the beggining of the call i wasn't calling with an attitude at all, i had just woken up when i called her

but all these other people who saw my post are contacting me saying that they were robbed and wanted me to give a stated and crap, i don't wanna be involved anymore.

all i can say for real and that amy needs to chill out when somethings being confirmed, b/c i wanted to hear from her that the ### wasn't true, but oh well, ### it! hahahaha, but that other post you see wiht my name saying i got my money from them, is ###, b/c i aint received ###, and personally the way she acted, i ain't ever gonna see ### from that company, so whatever
  19th of Nov, 2008
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hey you dumb ### grow the ### up you stupid ### ###.

You think I don't know who the ### is doing that ###?! man seriously ### you mother ###er, i had the cops trace where that comment came from, it took them a minute, but i know where the ### you live ###, and i may get in trouble for posting this comment after i already got your information, but i don't give a ### on november 22nd @ 930 am sharp! be expecting to see me there you stupid whore! ### you amy fisher you god damn ###! you're just pissed cuz i didn't fall in your little scam god damn whore

oh yeah and my attorney has agreed to help me prosecute you for fraud, god damn ###, im not even stupping down to you level no more ###, eat ### and die whore
  19th of Nov, 2008
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You know what I lost my cool for a second.

My name is Sherika Nicole Gaines, not Sherika Melissa Gaines

Yes the above address is where my parents live and I recently moved out to the address that is second on the list. Knowing the fact that not too many people know about this website, I feel I must apologize for the rude behavior that Amy Fisher has forced out of me in retaliation, and again I'm sorry.

I was just relieved to find out that Amy Fishers so called business was fraud, I had a few people of mine look into more yesterday, and again feel as if it was a message from God (for those of you who believe in him). I am not longer going to continue to visit this website any longer, because obviously there are some people who feel they must present themselves as the higher superior.

Again people of this website, after this entry know that this comment will be my last. Any further comments in the presentation of my name, or an attempt to present as my name is not me, it is Amy Fisher, she feels she must continue to harrass me because I figured her out.

That's okay. My attorney is now involved, and he says even though she supposedly lives in Ontario, he may be able to make a case out of this. And I have alerted my local police department who also said to seize any further contact with Fisher, and leave the rest to them. Came to find out that "Century One Loans" was actually already listed on a fradualent prosecution. Didn't know that. Apparently 5 other women actually went to the police and submitted a report, I have 2 women who have agreed to fill out a over-the-phone statement in verification of this woman to be taken down.

So again I apologize to you all, and I may be one person but I intend to put them all behind bars for this, even if I cannot, someone will, or at least ban them or something. Whatever God is will.

You all have a lovely holiday
S. Gaines
  1st of Dec, 2008
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We just sent out 2100 to this rip off company centry one loans and and no money. We spoke to the same rip off artist AMY FISHER as well as everybody else. Its sad that companys like these pray on people in really need of some extra help. That was our rent and bill money we sent thinking that we would get the loan in just couple days like Amy FISHER said and we would be clear now we may lose our apartment. Its so frustrating. Now the number has changed and im thinking there is no hope in getting our money back. We just keep praying that we do. Sadly we did not find this site sooner. People who are looking for a loan to get them back on track DO NOT GO TO CENTURY ONE LOAN. They will RIP YOU OFF!!! oh and yes we will be contacting our lawyer..didnt expect that huh amy fisher for us to have a lawyer ? YES WE DO you scammer!!!

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