Century Developmentsazure tower

My partner is buying a Apartment 5 years now . but has had nothing but lies and trying to scam her from more money, Insisting she has not paid x2 monthly installments. when clearly she has and we had proof from her Bank in London. still they would not Acknowledge she has paid. lots of threats, high charges, changing the rules, charging extra for added floor space, so changing the specification and telling you to pay 3 years after it was built/
My solicitor just shook his head and said this contract would not be allowed in the UK .
The power and rights are all in the companies favor .now we face trying to sell it, but Century has everything sown up so like they still own certain rights to it even after you paid for it. so difficult dealing with them, do not answer your questions or deal with anything,
So really the buyer has very little rights, what ever choice you make will cost you dearly/ stay well clear, because there is no Goverment body to help you or fine them heavily.

May 19, 2017

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