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I bought i20 2015 in september 2016 at hyundai centurion and since the 1st day I experience a fault on the vehicle and the sales person (Joseph hlope) called me to ask me how is the car as he was not around on the day I took the car and I explained to him about the starting problem that im experiencing and he told me its normal and I told him I disagree. I took the car to service for 30 000km and even the service is bad in hyundai centurion and again I took it back for them to check the starting problem im telling them about.

I took the car to them in the morning at 7am and they called me to tell me they cant find fault in the car and is when I involved schalk van vuuren (select pre-owned sales manager) and I took the car back to them and they told me about the leakage and they have to change clutch plate and they told me there was a pipe that was disconnected but the starting problem still was never fixed, and I went back to tell them and we agreed to take the vehicle to another dealer and I took it to midrand and they never find a fault because this happens after I drove it and if it parks for a long time it just start once. As I told them in the morning I have no problem with starting.

I even included nico stroh (Dealer principal) after I told them about the car pulling off on the road at 120 speed, and they took it to iq and as far as the report they didn't give me the whole report and when is still continuing I went to iq for it to be checked out and they told me they told joseph hlope the sales person about the rear shocks that are worn up and I never got that report and when I go to them they say iq never gave them the report.

And nico called everyone to the meeting and they took the car and gave me a loan car. I thought my car will be fine but no ian macdougall (Service manager) said the pulling out is how its been design and that was it and now they took the car for starting problem and when I ask for progress after 2 weeks ian tells me there is nothing wrong with the starting of the car and I told him that cant be normal because he wanted to say its normal and later they told me they found the fault but they don't know what is wrong. Then in december they took a loan car and gave me unresolved car because they told me they need the car and told me I will bring it back again in january.

And I only came back on the 15th january 2017 for my holidays and on the 16th january at 7am I was already in hyundai centurion to give them my car and they must give me a loan car, and to my surprise joseph hlope prepared me a car and when I was on the road the car is not comfortable and it doesn't even play music and no petrol and when I talked to ian he told me he cant give me time frame for my car because they don't know whats wrong with it.

Now I must drive uncomfortable car I don't know for how long and I feel its unfair to me because I realise now that they know the problems of this cars but still they give it to me without explaining to me about the problems and I will decide if I want the car like that, and now im suffering for the fault that I knew nothing about.
And today I send nico stroh email to ask them about the progress of my car and his reply was so rude in a way that he’s even saying I insisted taking my car in december and while is them who said I must bring back the car. So now I must wait patiently for something that ian macdougall saying he doesn’t know what’s wrong with the fault they are experiencing and now I must be told if I need a nicer car I must pay for it while I bought a car and now I get a car that is uncomfortable.

Jan 18, 2017

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