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Lynnae Lake sent repeated harassment emails to collect a $15 balance for services owed for her real estate bpo registration services for which I had no record of being paid for from the bpo company. The balance was paid within 24 hours of her contact (as soon as I was able to verify that the payment had been issued by the bpo company, it was paid within 5 minutes). I emailed to notify her of payment with a request for no further contact from her. She continued to send threatening, condescending emails calling me names and saying other derogatory things. In addition to the harassment and unprofessional conduct, this company did not provide anywhere near the services promised.

Dec 17, 2014
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      6th of Feb, 2015

    She was in the business with a long time partner and ended up absconding with all of the money from the company bank account, screwing her partner and long time friend.

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  • Sc
      6th of Feb, 2015

    By the way the business is not in Portland OR. Lynnae Lake lives in Midland MI with her sister and her sister's husband. Her phone number shows Portland OR but she uses Skype phone as many do and can pick any phone number she wants to make it look like it is coming from OR. She is constantly hiding from someone. She is nasty, she is vicious and she is crazier than a bed bug. She left owing her partner $3000. Watch your back with her.

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  • Cr
      3rd of Apr, 2015

    We have also been terrorized by this woman for more than a year. But strangely she has not sent a bill that whole time. Could it be that something in her contract is not legal? ?

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      21st of Aug, 2015

    Ms. J. Craig Orlando FL -- you failed to provide the necessary information required to remain a client and changed phone numbers and emails several times so that we were unable to get in touch with you.

    You did not have a valid license when we finally tracked you down. When we did finally have a valid email address you were sent your invoice for a whopping $15 and we told you we were terminating you which is a natural outcome of not being able to stay in contact and not providing the necessary documents like a IRS W9, valid realtor's license, EO insurance, etc. '

    If termination is a threat we are sorry you felt "threatened". Please be aware we do have back ups of all emails sent to you.

    It was the termination that enraged you - not the invoice but you decided to make that your "bone" to chew. You claimed you had never been paid which was false and you were provided check dates and numbers - which had been received by the brokerage months before.You claimed you needed to verify it with the brokerage you no longer were with and they also confirmed payment as well.This confirmation was not necessary as payment for our services are not dependent waiting for you to receive payment but we agreed to wait for you to verify.

    You did pay approximately 24-hours after you were sent your invoice but you and your boyfriend went on a phone and email rampage in which we were forced to block your phone numbers and email.

    You threatened to smear CentrisLink because you had "clout". I guess some anonymous post in some obscure site is it.

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      21st of Aug, 2015

    Nancy - aka screwedtoo and crazylady911 and gonefishin***(numerous variations)

    No money was absconded, you never paid any taxes - yup checked - you were not left "owing" $3k - If your statements are true why didn't you sue? What about the police? Oh that is right because they are not true you just wanted to post anonymously about things you have fabricated.

    Who is the one living in FL when you have a 1% rural-mortgage in MI that requires you to live there? Who is the one that hid your inheritance money in the company account to get that rural-mortgage ? Who is the one that concocted a deal with your friend the seller to claim the purchase price was $XXX and he gave you kickbacks of on those rural-mortgage $$$. How long before you left and moved to FL? Less than 1 year? There is more but why bother - you were forgiven long ago.

    You were taught everything - found your business online. Hope you are doing well. Good luck.

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