Centrex/Flat Iron/Peak 5/Autoportfolio / Adding $1000.00's of dollars to payoff price, don't know who has lien/title

1 Salisbury, NC, United States

We financed our truck with Centrix in 1/04 for 6 years. We owe only 6 payments of $452.89 which equals $2717.00 & some change. In july 2009 we tried for the whole month to make a payment, but Peak 5's #'s were disconnected & we weren't going to mail a check to a company that had no phone service. Then first of August 2009 a man named Robert calls from Autoportfolio & states that we are 1 mth behind now & need to make the payment, eplained we had tried, so we make payment over the phone, get invoice, charged $6.00 late fee??? 3 weeks later make another payment to get caught back up! We asked who was our lein holder they tell us Charlotte Metro Credit Union, we call them & we have no account there, so we called Robert back & he still insist CMCU has our title, we go to CMCU (45 min. ride) & they look at us like we're stupid, & state we have no account there, yet again, well worried about them repoeing our truck we make payments in Oct 2009 & Nov. 2010. First of Dec. 2009 we decide to email CMCU, a Miss Evans emails us her # & Ext. so the next day we call her & tell her what's going on, so she is the first person to take time out & try to help us, she researched it & 2 days later calls & states they did have our title, but haven't since 2007 when flat Iron "bought out" centex, so given goes as far as calling them herself to get our Account Info, but they won't give her any info because she is a "3rd-party", how is that true if they have my title/lien. Then last week we get a letter stateing we have 10 days to pay $4100.00 plus dollars or they are coming to get our truck, on this letter it has the lien holder as CMCU, so we fax that to her, but her hands are now tied, & can't do anything us, so she tells me to call Robert back (today (2-2-10) & ask for payment details on our truck, he gives us a fax number to fax it to Autoportfolio in writing!!! Stating that we are being charged on day to day bases for being late. We have had 2 have 3 deferments in the last 6 years (still only owe 6 payments), every month always stated we owed more then we did, for the last 1.5 yrs to 2 yrs we have been paying $490.00 sometimes $500.00 on a $452.89 payment. We have paid over $2000.00 dollars on the interest as well. Our truck is hide & locked up & we refuse to pay the $4100.00+ they say is owed. We only owe $2717.00+ for 6 mths. We are now 91 days late (today, 2-2-10) Truck was suppose to be paid off 1-3-10, but with 3 deferments pushed it back to 4-3-10. Also all this started because we wanted to know the payoff & who had the lien, so we could talk with them. They are adding to amount owed & not even taking off interested, which has been over paid!!! If anyone knows what to do legally let us know. [protected] Thx! In advance!

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