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There have been a number of complaints -- clients and non-client -- on this site that misrepresent our company, the Centre for Small Business Financing. Although the CFSBF fully acknowledges it is as susceptible to issues and errors as any other business, the claims of being a fraud and a scam are outright off-target. The Centre takes all legitimate product and service
complaints, feedback, and reviews seriously, and does its utmost to address them. However, when a complaint becomes a public accusation of a scam or a fraud, that's a different matter.

A scam or fraud simply does not have an objectively functional product that results in satisfied clients, one of whom recently shared her story of government funding for business success with us.

Here's what this small business owner had to say about the CFSBF. You can read the rest of Jocelynn's story by following the link to our website.

“I believe I would not have found [the] BC Micro-Business Training Pilot Program if I didn't pay into [the] CFSBF. [The] CFSBF was very helpful.”
- Jocelynn Proctor, Proctor Appliances

Simply put, fraudulent operations masquerading as a legitimate business do not have successful and satisfied clients.

Feb 13, 2014

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