Central Ticketing / Booked for delivering

1 Tesco extra Town Centre Cumbernauld, Cumbernauld, Scotland, Strathclyde, GB
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Phone: 01236611913

Good morning
I am a driver at store 2361 . I was delivering for tescos home shopping to a tesco customer just round the corner from the store .While delivering the company you allow to book customer on the supermarket carpark ventured out to the delivery area under the town centre and booked four delivery drivers 3 hgv and me . I have been deliverying there for 34 years 32 with Tennents brewery the rest Tescos .I went along with the other drivers and asked why can delivery drivers punished for delivering goods to a shopping area where 6 big signs say ( NO PARKING DELIVERIES ONLY ) All tickets were cancelled .Why get booked in the first palce. I reported it to my local MP who along with the Scottish Sunday Mail the Cumbernauld News . Counciler Carrigan myself and a reporter went to the delivery area . He said why are you getting booked can't understand this. The Sunday Mail printed for all to see ( Tesco Tickets own driver ) in a delivery area for a tesco Customer . It is still going on . 2 months ago the store manager a good boss was booked in his own carpark .He asked Central ticketing to laeve the car park as they harrassed some customers who now have come to me. This is only a 3rd off what has happened sinch i was bookes way back in May 2008 . The people i have visited the police, citizens Advice, Also this Wednesday going to Central Ticketing in Edinburgh to come face to face with these peopl you gave permission . You don't know whats been happening it would shock you .Will e/mail rest off serious complaint shortly .Thank you . Mr A.Alum.

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