Central Police Office (CPO) | Punjab Police / constable from the igp financially ripping poor peoples than threatning them with his position and is being supported by an ssp from the igp office

1 Lahore Pakistan, PK

Constable Mohammad Ishfaq Gujjar who has been working in the IG office in Lahore for the past say 20 or more years. This guy is a real Con Man and has financially rapped a very poor man Mohammad Taufeeq From Faisalabad, when he demanded his owed money back from Constable Gujjar he started to threat and intimidate him with his position in the IG office. A formal complaint was lodged with the IGP office that was referred to an SSP who was found to be his real friend and dismissed the complaint. it is suspected that this SSP could possibly be this con man partner getting his share out of the proceeds if so I call for an independent INquiry to investigate and immediately this SSP be removed from the IGP office. I have lodged a formal complaint about the SSp who dismissed the allegation about that Con Man constable Ishfaq Gujjar. IG should consider having honest officers in his office not those are taking advantage of their position. I endeavour to expose this SSP the dear friend of the Con Man . i will have SSP full details along with his photo as well as that Constable GUjjar details. Copies of the cheques, Affidavits than you will learn that SSP who dismissed the allegation is certainly in favour of the con man and possible element corruption can be noted. I have lodged a formal complaint against this SSp but he has influenced the staff so investigation will not proceed, I ask the IGP to please intervene ior I will have no choice but to Chief Minister complaint cell and NAB interventions

Mar 11, 2017

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