Central Ohio Truck & Trailer Repair / Avoid this one at all costs

I took my truck to a truck repair shop in Ohio on [protected], by the name of Cottr 1659 u.s. route 22 east Washington courthouse, Ohio. They repair my truck that took about three weeks and started off at 3, 000 dollars and ended up at 6, 369 dollars. After picking up my truck on Oct. 22nd and driving 15 miles all the oil came out and had me stranded on the side of the road..It cost me 400 dollars to tow it back to their shop. And then another 13 hundred more on top of that. After receiving my truck from them on Oct. 23rd, I drove sixty miles down the road and it over heated. I call them and they told me that they put a new thermostatic in. Five minutes later they called me back and said that they did not put one in and that it was my problem. They told me to let it cool off and than drive it to let the thermostatic open. Two days later on Oct. 25th it over heated again and I was force to take it to another shop in Illinois.The company in Illinois is called Sappbros service center and they said that the company in Ohio should have replace my thermostatic. When they did an oil analysis they found metal, aluminum, chromium, sever copper and lead, iron, abnormal tin, sodium, silicon, potassium, moly, water, and oxidation in the oil. When I called them to tell them about my problem. They told me that it wasn’t their problem and that they wasn’t going to do anything about it. The Saappbros service center faxed over their diagnostic and Cottr Inc. did not reply. They feel that since I live out of state that they could disrespect me and just steal my money and I wouldn’t do anything about it. I talked to several shops and they all said that when you do this type of work I had done. That they should have changed the thermostatic. On Oct.12th they finished the repairs. And on the sixteen they sent me a faxed saying no warranty. If I knew that they wasn’t going to give me a warranty I would not had let them to do the work.


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