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Recently (March 2012) there was a scandal with the CCSPCA involving a horse that was being neglected, named Bella. A friend of mine climbed the owner's fence to take an image of the sick and dying equine and we began networking the situation/problem. On March 31, 2012, the CCSPCA posted a false blog on their website stating that the horse in question was fine, that my friend who took the image was a liar and that people needed to investigate before going overboard. There IS a video of a "so called" vet examining the animal (not on the owners property, please notice how the horse is loaded back into the trailer), the vet does minimal palpation and examination to said animal and clears it as being healthy. I would personally like to see this man's veterinary credentials and license as no local equine enthusiast can tell who this man is. He obviously does not specialize in equine medicine or husbandry. My friend who is involved first had with this situation also stated the images that were taken of this horse and posted by the CCSPCA were well before the one she took. Do NOT let them fool you into thinking that this mare enjoys basking in the sun or filth covered pen she has been forced to endure! The CCSPCA is a monster posing as a compassionate, animal welfare organization! Fix Fresno and make the shelter no kill... that wont happen; how about bring all of it's lies into the light, expose them for what they really are and get them permanently shut down!

I worked for this exact organization (CCSPCA) in the early 2000's, I was a kennel worker (one of the only true compassionate one's, which was also why I left). I witnessed first hand the abuse, neglect, lack of compassion for animal welfare, greediness, and outright inappropriate attitudes of paid employees of this non-profit organization. Do not be fooled, at the end of the day all any employe of this company wants is money, there is no compassion for animals within these disgusting walls! I finally had had enough after 4-5 months of witnessing abuse and inhumane euthanasia techniques, that I ran as fast as I could out of the facility in tears. Not telling any one of my departure or refusal to return to work. Nepotism runs rampant in this organization and no one will take responsibility for anything! The kennel manager's daughter, who was not certified to euthanize animals or be in the controlled substances locked box, was euthanizing animals. Not only was she euthanizing animals but I witnessed her first hand killing them by throwing them at a wall or breaking their necks! She should be in jail! This girl looked like she was a drug trafficker that walked out of prison when I first met her. Even other kennel employes told me to be afraid of her. This is NO way to run any type of company! I took my story to any news station that would listen, only one would and it did not get anywhere because I did not have pictures. Back then, smart phones were not in the picture. I tried to rally other local humane organizations and they all agreed with me, but again... nothing ever came to light. As my need for work grew and time moved on, I was forced to drop everything and move on with my life. I knew one day, the CCSPCA would regret all their horrific actions and someone would be successful!

I will be sharing this site with as many people as possible and am quite mortified to find so little complaints on this board! Do not let the CCSPCA scare you or run away when they attempt to slander your name. They are liars and will get what is coming to them! Speak out Fresno! Just because they no longer have the city's funding does not mean it is time to stop the fight!

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