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I have been trying to find out if a transaction to Walmart has been paid or not... my bank transaction history shows that their was a charge of $48.71 that was rejected. Embarrassing... Well I have NOT received any notification from Walmart nor any other company trying to collect so I call Walmart myself. I get the run around from them and finally get told that Centergy is who I need to contact, so I call them and FINALLY get someone on the phone that informs me that its Telecheck that I need to contact. Upon calling Telecheck I go through the prompts asking for routing/acct #, check # and amount, so I enter it all and get told that it was approved. Well you would think that if it has been approved / paid that my bank would show it in my history / statements NOT the case as far as I can see there is NOT an amount for $48.71 to anyone... I go on their website for TRS Recovery and it asks for a case number which I do NOT have because I have NOT ever received any written notification from them. So I call the number [protected], which gives two options to press and neither work at getting any further than the initial message letting you know its an attempt to collect a debt and the options to choose from to press for assistance. How are you supposed to get something paid or answers about if they have received payment or not if there is NO WAY TO GET THEM? I ran into an issue back in 1999 with due to a check written to Walmart that I was under the impression had cleared in 1996 imagine my surprise when I found out it had NOT and I had to not only pay for the check but a FINE as well. So you see why I am going through DUE DILLEGENCE to get answers? Its irritating to say the least!
No one will help me find out the correct information... I have a complaint against ALL parties involved, I may have made an error but I AM at least trying to resolve it and I can NOT seem to get the information needed in order to do so. I just know from PAST experience with WALMART they will have a warrant issued if you do not take care of the issue. Its NOT fair to someone that is trying to fix a mistake that they do this when THEY (WALMART, CENTERGY and TELECHECK / TRS RECOVERY) do NOT give the proper information or do NOT have a PERSON that you can speak with and only have automated systems that do NOT give correct information or do NOT work properly.

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  • Lj
      Jan 18, 2013

    It probably went to a collection agency, and it will come in the mail someday along with extra charges. I know by experience.

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