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Centennial Wireless / They don't honor their own agreement

1 LA, United States

A year ago I purchased two phones and was put on their Talk Easy Plan. I was told that once I made 12 months of on time payments, I could "upgrade" to a regular monthly plan. (Talk Easy is a weekly pay plan) So, here it is a year later, I have made all of my payments per my end of the agreement. I was told that I had to wait until the exact anniversary date in Feb. to be changed to a monthly plan. Lo and Behold, Centennial has merged with AT&T. I was told by Centennial (two weeks prior to merger) that once I called them to have my plan changed, I could then go to AT&T and switch to an AT&T monthly plan and even purchase new phones at a discounted rate. When I went into the AT&T store, I was told that since I was still on a prepaid plan, they would have to run my credit. The deposit for two phones with AT&T would have been around $1, 000! And, surprise, surprise, they had just gotten the memo the day before I showed up that AT&T would not honor this agreement that I had made with Centennial. So, I have three options, which I am upset about. 1) pay a $1000 and switch to AT&T 2) pay $500 and buy myself out of my original contract of which I still have 1 1/2 years or 3) continue with the Talk Easy plan which means continuing to make weekly payments. (This is one of the reasons that I was happy to be rid of Centennial, I am SICK to DEATH of the constant "reminder" texts and announcements when I get close to my spending limit! Not to mention the Nokia that I have is a piece of crap!) In my opinion, AT&T should take into consideration the fact that I MADE 12 on time payments and not simply go by my credit score! (Which I'll admit is poor) I am SICK and TIRED of these cell phone companies! They are robbing people blind! And are dishonest at best! I am in the process of posting this story everywhere I can to try and find someone with a similar issue! I feel that I should be let out of my contract early with no penalty, as the terms of my contract have changed by having to pay such a huge deposit!

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